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Re: Logged in/No access to "premium" content Lise, We use a browser session with the FHC Portal/Premium Web Sites and further (multiple) browser sessions with the patrons log-in details on a regular basis
Apr 7
Re: Digest Number 4730 In the past for reunions and funerals and the special books that family have made for each other they have come to me to use adobe Photoshop, Photoshop
Linda Olds
Apr 7
Re: Charts ... Any genie program that gives a "bow-tie" or "hour-glass" report* will create that. Whether it does it way you've envisioned? Hard to say. Push gets to
Apr 7
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Re: Digest Number 4730 I did one a few years ago (it was for a reunion). there is a program that is available on the same site that builds the fan chart. but if you go to the
William Rigtrup
Apr 6
Re: Charts Catherine Lamb; Not sure what you are looking for but my software program generates Ancestor charts and Descendant charts as well as a fan chart. Paul in Texas
Paul Walworth
Apr 6
Re: Charts generationsmaps.com has a LOT of choices of charts and is also familysearch certified. -Terri J.
Terri Jaskolka
Apr 6
Re: Digest Number 4730 You can print such a chart with photos of ancestors, the individual, and descendants from FamilySearch Family Tree's Portrait View. It's free. Just sign into
KM Marshall
Apr 6
Re: Digest Number 4730 Lynn, Would you be willing to share these charts with me? Thanks, Phyllis Caldwell ycato@... ________________________________ From: Lynn Mower
Phyllis Caldwell
Apr 6
Re: Charts PAF Companion has an hourglass chart that does that. Bill Buchanan blog: http://billbuchanan.blogspot.com site: http://tr.im/4dp9b
Bill Buchanan
Apr 6
Re: Charts Catherine, I used the GenCharts program to create the Descendants Summary Chart and the Family Tree Chart. GenCharts only works with a PAF 5 data file. It
Lynn Mower
Apr 6
Charts I got an mail that my message didn't send so I'm trying again...do you know of a chart program that shows both ancestors and descendants? We want to make one
Apr 6
Re: Logged in/No access to "premium" content Or you can open a new tab in the same browser and drag it downwards. That separates it completely from the others. Ann A.
Ann Amadori
Apr 6
Re: Digest Number 4730 C Lamb, I have sent some sample charts to your email address. They are not exactly what your patron wanted but may give you some ideas. We made these up for
Lynn Mower
Apr 6
Re: Logged in/No access to "premium" content The Premium sites: Document ID: 106761 Free premium family history websites available in the Family History Center Portal Symptoms (Problems) a.. What websites
Margaret Thompson
Apr 6
Re: Logged in/No access to "premium" content Can you give an example of this premium content?
Russell Hltn
Apr 6
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Re: Logged in/No access to "premium" content If it's not logging into the FamilySearch account setup for all FHCs, go to the portal, and there is a link to a file known as 'portal.cfg', that is still
James W Anderson
Apr 6
Re: Logged in/No access to "premium" content Multiple browser tabs doesn't solve the problem. Only using two different browsers - chrome and Firefox, for example. Opening a new tab in the browser retains
Lise Embley
Apr 6
Re: Digest Number 4730 Hi I was helping a patron today and they told me they want to make a poster of one of their living rellies, to honor them at an event. - has anybody ever made
Apr 6
News Update for free membership to Ancestry, et al ....Originally, FamilySearch encouraged church members to be patient because this special access wouldn't be available until the end of 2014. But Thom Reed,
Lois Casson
Apr 4
Re: Logged in/No access to "premium" content Lise, What is happening is . . . . when using FS and the Search feature from Family Tree - the results are the records FS has access to - if FS has its own
Apr 3
Logged in/No access to "premium" content Has anyone else run into the challenge of not having access to "premium content" images while using FHC computers? I finally called support to try to sort out
Lise Embley
Apr 3
File - Posting Topics appropriate for discussion include staff training, collection development, film/fiche management, equipment maintenance, FamilySearch, patron services,
Apr 1
Ideas to involve youth in the family history centers With Elder Anderson's recent emphasis on involving youth in helping them to prepare names for the temple. What ideas does your stake have to assist in this
Mar 30
Re: ordering? I just ordered some member's guides & when it came to the check out time it had two accounts for, my personal account & my FHC account. For things ordered
Mar 30
Re: ordering? Go to store.lds.org Under the tab: Home and Family, click on Family History When the next page opens, you will see all the items that are now available from
Len Ingermanson
Mar 30
Re: ordering? Use your LDS email Paul in Texas On Sunday, March 30, 2014 2:10 PM, maxine nelson wrote:   I need to order some new material for the
Paul Walworth
Mar 30
ordering? I need to order some new material for the FHC, but it has been a long time since I ordered and things have changed. I just gave away my last Members Guide to
maxine nelson
Mar 30
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Re: Speaking of upgrades ... A bigger problem than getting a 5.25" floppy disk drive is finding a program that will allow the computer to read any one specific CP/M disk format. See
Bill Buchanan
Mar 29
Mar 29
Re: Speaking of upgrades ... I appreciate all the suggestions regarding how to read an old floppy disk, but I am not the one with that particular problem. It was Cheryl who added that bit
Mar 29
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