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RE: Armor Day, 3 April 2010

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  • Scott Bradley
    By popular request there will also be sewing offered indoors during armor day going from about 1 pm until 8 pm. Details below. Nothing formal, but if you
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      By popular request there will also be sewing offered indoors during armor day going from about 1 pm until 8 pm.  Details below. 


      Nothing formal, but if you bring your own fabric, those present with sewing skills will help you cut out and start sewing one of two basic garments.  Either a Barony of Flaming Gryphon Fighting tabard or a basic T-tunic you could wear to events.  If you show up without fabric either you will be going on a field trip to pick some up or you will be learning techniques on scrap material.   

      Fabric Guide

      ·         Flaming Gryphon Fighting Tabard: 3 to 3.5 yards (for average size person, more if you are taller or bigger) Yellow and White fabric, made from heavy cotton, Duck or Trigger, avoid any synthetic fabrics, they will not breath and will be hot in the summer.   Example photo: http://www.paragonkeep.com/images/PF_46a.JPG

      ·         T-Tunic: 3.5 yards (average size person) Try to get linen or cotton.  Brocades are okay, prints don’t look period.  Again avoid synthetics or blends.  They will make you hot.  Also avoid shiny fabrics.  Also buy a spoil of all purpose thread to match.  Example photo: http://www.angelfire.com/oh4/Boris/images/DSCF0285thumb.jpg

      ·         Make sure you wash and dry your fabric before you bring it so that is already shrunk before you sew it, otherwise your garment will shrink into funny shapes the first time you wash it. 

      For those of you who come and are not making garb and if you want to help we could use extra sewing machines and even donated fabric


      Capt. Boris Movila

      Chief of Staff, Midrealm Army




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      Please pass this message along to anyone you think would be interested.   There are several new people I do not have e-mail address’ for, could those listed please forward this to the folks listed below.  PLEASE NOTE, there will be a price increase for any new suits of armor started from this point forward.  I recently audited the costs of all the materials that go into a set of barrel plastic armor.  So am I need increase the cost to $55 to cover my own expenses.   All of you who have already started, I will honor the old price. 


                      Gavin – Forward this Jim, Don, Judo, etc.

                      Nick - Forward to your guys.


      I am opening up my garage Saturday, April 3rd, from 9 am until 6 pm-ish.  I will be teaching how to make plastic armor to help get fighters on the field faster.  If you want to make a suit I just ask $55 to cover the cost of materials.  I have blue and black barrels right now, if ever want to get your own CLICK HERE or contact Brigita, listed below.  You want to get the 55 gallon reconditioned poly drums.  Note that it will take up to 20 hours to finish an entire suit of plastic armor.  If you can’t afford the $55 right now whatever you make is considered loaner armor and I expect you to return it once you are done with it. 


      Also feel free to bring by armor you have been working on or needs fixing and we will try to help. 


      For those of you who already have armor, I need help working with all the new people.  Please bring tools. 


      If you don’t have time or are unavailable when I open up my garage infrequently check out the webpage I have been working on with instructions on how to make plastic barrel armor.  It is only partially completed but it might be enough to get you started.  





      6295 Henshire Court

      Centerville, OH 45459

      Cell: 937-620-0821



       Also for those who would prefer more period armor please keep in mind I am not the only local person who can help you get in armor.  To the best of my knowledge the artisans below can either help you build or sell you armor.   They are all busy people so I suggest you speak to the at fighter practice to see if they can help you. 


      Brigita, (brigita.gescheid@...) 937-532-9153  (Plastic Armor)

      Syr Kyppyn Kirkcaldy: Black Tower Enterprises: (Leather Armor)

      Syr Gunnar Redboar (Leather armor)



      Capt. Boris Movila

      Chief of Staff, Midrealm Army


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