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Quarterly Reports are due!

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  • Úlfr Rauðskegg, called Dearg.
    Greetings to all South Oaken Archery Marshals and MiT s! I just wanted to remind everyone that Quarterly Reports are due TOMORROW!!!     All Archery
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2013

      Greetings to all South Oaken Archery Marshals and MiT's!

      I just wanted to remind everyone that Quarterly Reports are due TOMORROW!!!    
      All Archery Marshals and MiT's are required to file a report!

      If you have already sent in your report, thank you, and you will be receiving confirmation soon.

      Please send all reports to me at lorddearg@... Please put "Quarterly Report" in the Subject line so that my spam filters do not eat them.
      I would appreciate it if you would include the following information in your reports (Please copy and paste and answer all of the questions):
      Group Name:
      SCA Name:
      SCA Membership Number (You must have a current membership card to "be" a marshal):
      Mundane Name:
      Street Address:
      City, State, and Zip Code:
      Telephone Number:
      E-mail address:
      Warrant Status: _____Warranted ______GMiT
      Indicate if you are a Group Marshal, Marshal of the Field, or a Target Marshal:
      List any problems that you encountered, and what action (if any) you took to correct them:
      List your activity in the last quarter.
      List any plans or ideas that you may have for archery in the next quarter:
      For a Group Marshal, it's always a good idea to make a Roster of how many archers you have, outline what your group archers have been doing, the level of activity, and your plans for the year.
      It is courteous to send a copy of each report to the Group Marshal and Seneschal of your local group (unless you are the Group Marshal), as well as to the Group Marshal and Seneschal of the Barony you are part of (if you are in a Canton).
      Please remember, nothing to report is still something to report! It lets me know you are still active in the SCA and interested in marshaling.
      If you have any questions, you can contact me by email at lorddearg@... or you can call me at (513) 709-0886. I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your reports.

      Marshal authorization renewal!
      Archery marshals your warrant/authorization may expire soon. You will need to get it replaced from the Clerk of the roster A.S.A.P. Read the date on the back of your card to find out if it needs to be renewed !!

      Group marshals
      Please remember, your group Seneschal is not responsible for maintaining your warrants/authorizations, you are!
      How to replace your card:
      1. Send a copy of your current SCA membership card
      2. Send a Front and Back copy of your current authorization card
      3. INCLUDE a self addressed stamped envelope

       The Clerk of the Roster is listed at the right bottom of the side bar of the Marshals page below the reporting schedule. She is also listed in the Pale.
      Here is the address:
      Clerk of the Roster
      Siban ingen Carthaig
      (Bobbie Rodgers)
      5312 Amherst Drive
      Parma, Ohio 44129
      Call her at (440) 773-5619 if you have any questions.

      Thank You.
      In service,

      Lord Úlfr Rauðskegg, called Dearg. APF CDB CSO AOA
      Fenix Baronial Archery Marshal.
      South Oaken Regional Archery Marshal.

      Current Fenix Baronial Archery Champion.
      Member of the Fenix Baroness's Archery Guard.
      When you stop challenging yourself, that's as good as you'll ever be.
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