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FW: [Ermine] Fight practice tonight!

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  • Scott Bradley
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      Subject: [Ermine] Fight practice tonight!

      I apologize for the late notice but lack of electricity & no school at Driscoll the past two days has made it difficult to get thus information out.

      There is indeed fight practice tonight!!!!

      There will be parent teacher conferences at the school tonight. We are ONLY allowed to PARK BEHIND THE SCHOOL.

      NO ONE IS ALLOWED IN THE HALLWAYS UNLESS ON THEIR WAY TO THE BATHROOM. SILENCE IN THE HALLWAYS IS A MUST The doors to the side of the MPR room will be closed as will the doors at the back of the MPR. Do not put your armor in the back hallway.

      Please respect these rules. The alternative was to have no practice. By complying with these parameters we help promote keeping this site by ignoring them we will jeopardize our use of it. Please remind eachother of the guidelines.

      Please forward to other lists!
      Thank You!

      In Service,
      Morgaine k `' ƫ " r f & {.n + zwZ ,j h - 'ky f 0 m ( ۧ r y - w*  z
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