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2 gravity motors and electrostatic motor by SF Hall; magnetism; ammonia turbine; tide turbines compared; Tesla solar

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  • Sterling D. Allan
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2007
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      'Free Energy' News

      Wednesday, August 8, 2007
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      • Geothermal
        href="http://abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/08/01/1993961.htm?section=australia">Geothermal power 'faces many challenges', says minister
        - The Australian Federal Government says the geothermal industry still needs to prove that it can generate electricity from hot, underground rocks. One company, Geodynamics, is about to start drilling, and says it should be able to prove within a year that its system works. (ABC News; Aug. 1)
      • Bio-Energetics
        > Electric
        Fields Kill Tumors
        - An Israeli company is conducting human tests for a device that uses weak electric fields to kill cancer cells but has no effect on normal cells. The device is in late-stage clinical trials in the United States and Europe for glioblastoma, a deadly brain cancer. (MIT Technology Review; Aug. 8)

      Tuesday, August 7, 2007
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      • Top 100:
        Solar / Batteries
        href="http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:JINR_Star_Battery">Star Battery > Star Battery Update
        - A Russian expert says that the same material which generates almost 50% efficiency in a photovoltaic cell, can also be made into an ultracapacitor with nine hundred times the storage capacity of a car battery. These developments are made possibly, because of a process where gold nano-particles are imbedded into silicon, vastly improving their performance. (ZPEnergy; Aug. 4)
      • CO2 Sequestration > Creating A Carbon Economy - SCAF has developed new systems to make carbon sequestration profitable and create a new carbon economy instead of treating it as waste. They use elemental carbon as a soil amendment for soil recovery and improvement, better water and mineral management in addition to using carbon dioxide as plant food or fertilizer.  (Thanks Adrian Vance)
      • Antigravity
        href="http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20070806/sc_afp/britainsciencelevitation_070806132733">Scientists reveal secret of levitation
        - Physicists said they can create levitation effects on ultra small objects by manipulating so-called Casimir force, which normally causes objects to stick together by quantum force. The phenomenon could be used to improve the performances of everyday devices ranging from car airbags to computer chips. (Yahoo! News; Aug 6) (See also ZPEnergy) (Thanks Tedd)

      Monday, August 6, 2007
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      • Top 100:
        href="http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070804/ap_on_sc/drilling_for_heat;_ylt=AjvFzIDtqIn2aRl98jpXkE.s0NUE">The Potential of Geothermal Power
        - The concept is simple to understand: earth's core heat transforms water into steam, which in turn causes a turbine to revolve.  Scientists say this geothermal energy, clean, quiet and virtually inexhaustible, could fill the world's annual needs 250,000 times over with nearly zero impact on the climate or the environment. (Yahoo! News; Aug. 4) (See Slashdot discussion)
      • Lighting
        > The
        Incapacitating Flashlight
        - Soon cops' flashlights might not only temporarily blind bad guys: they might also stop them in their tracks by disorienting them and making them nauseatingly sick.  The flashlight uses a range finder to measure the distance to the target's eyes so that it can adjust the energy of the light to a level that won't cause permanent damage. (MIT Technology Review; Aug. 6)
      • Biofuel
        href="http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/07/honduran_tilapi.php">Honduras Taps Biodiesel From Fish Guts
        - A fish farm in El Borboton, is using fish guts--heads, skins, and internal organs--to produce biodiesel. Instead of dumping what's left after filleting for commercial sale, Saint Peter's cooks the parts down to produce 300,000 gallons of fish oil fuel. (TreeHugger; July 31)

      Sunday, August 5, 2007
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      • Ocean Wave > Muscling the waves - SRI International is testing a buoy with "artificial muscle" technology in the waters off St. Petersburg, Florida. The wave-powered generator works off a novel electroactive polymer artificial muscle (EPAM), a rubbery material that directly generates electricity from the way it stretches and contracts. (Inside Greentech; Aug. 3, 2007) (Thanks John Q. Public)
      • Fuel Cells
        title=http://www.greencarcongress.com/2007/08/hydrogen-fuel-c.html href="http://www.greencarcongress.com/2007/08/hydrogen-fuel-c.html" rel=nofollow>Hydrogen Fuel Cell Ship Project 
        - CFC Solutions s providing a “Hot Module” fuel cell stack to the FellowSHIP (Fuel Cells for Low Emissions Ships) consortium, for the demonstration of an offshore supply vessel powered by a molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC). The technology will be up to 50 percent more efficient than today’s diesel power, with lower emissions. (Green Car Congress; Aug. 3, 2007) (Thanks John Q. Public)

      Saturday, August 4, 2007
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      • Featured:
        href="http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Creative_Science_and_Research">'Free Energy' Plans by Creative Science and Research
        - Company sells plans for devices that they say can provide "free power for your home, garage, car or truck". They claim to have heaters, engines, and other devices that are over unity or that require no fuel. A few buyers say the kits do not operate as claimed. Others are satisfied. (PESWiki; Aug. 1)
      • EV > Small Electric Car May Usher In Big Changes - A Norwegian car company is building a compact, plug-in electric car, the Think City, that will go on sale in Europe early next year. Plans are to sell the car only on the Web. No dealers, cheap manufacturing plants, and a battery pack that you lease, not buy.  (CNN Money; July 31) (See Slashdot discussion)

      Friday, August 3, 2007
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      • Biofuel
        href="http://www.technologyreview.com/Biztech/19128/">Engineering Bacteria to Make Gasoline
        - A biotech startup describes how it will coax petroleum-like fuels from engineered microbes within three to five years. To do this, the company is employing tools from the field of synthetic biology to modify the genetic pathways that bacteria, plants, and animals use to make fatty acids, one of the main ways that organisms store energy. (MIT Technology Review; Aug.1)
      • EV
        href="http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Electric_Scooters">Electric Motorbikes > A motorcycle that's fast, silent and green 
        - The Zero electric motorcycle runs on lithium-ion batteries rather than gas. The Zero X dirt bike can be bought for around $6,900 with perfomance similar to a 250cc gas-burning motorcycle, no noise or pollution, 300 miles per gallon equivalent and less than 1 cent per mile to operate. A street-legal commuter motorcycle is planned. (CNET News; Aug. 2) (Thanks John Q. Public)
      • Fuel Efficiency > Retrofits
        title="http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/08/new ultralow emissions.php" href="http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/08/new_ultralow_emissions.php" rel=nofollow>New Ultra-Low Emissions Combustion Technology
        - The low-swirl injector (LSI) imparts a slight spin to the gaseous fuel and air mixture in a natural gas turbine, drastically reducing the level of emissions produced (5x less NOx). It can also burn a variety of other fuels and can easily be fitted into existing gas turbine models without any major redesigns. (TreeHugger; Aug. 2) (Thanks John Q. Public)

      Thursday, August 2, 2007
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      • Solar > Solar Cell Efficiency Record of 42.8% - A consortium has achieved a record-breaking combined solar cell efficiency of 42.8% from sunlight at standard terrestrial conditions. The Very High Efficiency Solar Cell (VHESC) uses a stationary lateral optical concentrating system that splits solar light into three different energy bins, and eliminates the need for complicated tracking devices. (Green Car Congress; Jul. 28, 2007) (Thanks John Q. Public) (See Slashdot discussion)
      • Humor > Actual Question Submitted to Columnist Marilyn vos Savant - "Do you think daylight-savings time could be contributing to global warming?  The longer we have sunlight, the more it heats the atmosphere." -- San Antonio, Tex. (Parade; July 29)

      Wednesday, August 1, 2007
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      • Featured:
        Solar / Tesla
        href="http://peswiki.com/index.php/Reprint:Tesla's_Solar_Ideas">Tesla's Solar Ideas : 1916 Reprint
        - According to The Electrical Experimenter, in addition to his prolific electrical work, Tesla patented a sun motor.  The article also discusses the Shuman-Boy's engine and sun boiler installed in Egypt with output of 100 horsepower. (PESWiki; July 31)
      • Featured:
        Events / Meyl
        href="http://pesn.com/2007/08/01/9500486_KonstantinMeyl_scalar_waves_neutrino_power/">Konstantin Meyl to Lecture on Scalar Waves and Neutrino Power
        - Three-day presentation this coming weekend in Carlsbad, California will discuss and demonstrate exotic Tesla technology. Meyl posits an expanding earth theory based on neutrino interactions with the Earth. (PESN; Aug. 1)
      • Fuel Cells
        title=http://www.insidegreentech.com/1376/aluminum-as-a-high-energy-renewable-fu href="http://www.insidegreentech.com/1376/aluminum-as-a-high-energy-renewable-fu" rel=nofollow>Aluminum high energy fuel cells
        - Altek Fuel Group's breakthroughs in chemistry and technology have provided the opportunity for aluminum to be used as a fuel to generate electricity in fuel cells, both efficiently and economically. While not widely thought of as a fuel, aluminum is high in energy, plentiful, fully recyclable and safe to transport and store. (Inside Greentech) (Thanks John Q. Public)
      • Oil
        href="http://www.shell.com/home/PlainPageServlet?FC=/aboutshell-en/html/iwgen/shell_real/shell_solutions/films/app_view_film.html">Shell Oil Film: Eureka
        - "Where ideas come from the most unlikely places."  Surprisingly candid movie short on Shell website addresses dwindling oil supply and need for renewables, while noting the existing need to continue the oil supply whilst alternatives are developed, such as the ability to reach more pockets with the same wells through horizontal drilling. (Shell; ~July 2007)

      Tuesday, July 31, 2007
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      • Top 100:
        Wind > Maglev
        title="http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/07/colossal magnet.php" href="http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/07/colossal_magnet.php" rel=nofollow>Colossal Magnetic Levitation Wind Turbine Proposed
        - MagLev Wind Turbine Technologies claims that it can deliver clean power for less than one cent per kilowatt hour using a magnetically levitated wind turbine that can generate one gigawatt of power, by reducing frictional losses. A single huge turbine would require only a fraction of the land space of conventional turbines. (TreeHugger; Jul. 27, 2007) (Thanks John Q. Public)
      • Human Powered > "Crowd Farm" to Collect Energy? - A couple of MIT students would like to harness the mechanical power of large groups of people. A responsive sub-flooring system made up of blocks that depress slightly under the force of human steps would be installed beneath a thoroughfare. The slippage of the blocks against one another as people walked would generate power. (MIT News; July 25) (See Slashdot discussion)
      • Solar > Solar panels may optimize in pink - New dye-sensitized solar cells being developed by Ohio State University are pink in color due to a mixture of red dye and white metal oxide powder in materials that capture light. Currently, the best of these new pink materials convert light to electricity with only half the efficiency of commercially-available silicon-based solar cells -- but they do so at only one quarter of the cost (PhysOrg; July 30)
      • Fuel Efficiency > Vehicles
        href="http://www.gizmag.com/go/7694/" rel=nofollow>Blended-Wing Boeing completes first test flight
        - Boeing flew its first prototype of a Blended Wing Body aircraft last week. A BWB design allows the entire body of the plane to generate lift and reduces drag in comparison to a tube-shaped fuselage - both of which are key factors in reducing fuel usage. The BWB design also provides a much greater cargo and passenger capacity. (GizMag; Jul. 30, 2007) (Thanks John Q. Public)

      Monday, July 30, 2007
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      • Solar
        > Could
        photosynthesis have a key role in future energy supply?
        - If we can understand exactly how plants capture and store solar energy, we could mimic the natural process to design solar panels with better energy conversion rates and also develop a clean, efficient means of producing hydrogen fuel; as well as develop better crops for biofuels. (PhysOrg; July 24)
      • Green Building / Wind > Urban Wind Turbine = Urbine - To optimize power, some architects are integrating wind turbines into the design of tall buildings in such a way that the contours of the building envelope focus wind on to the turbine blades, much like the casing around a gas or water turbine. World Architecture News labels these: "urbines". (TreeHugger; July 30) 
      • Renewable energy wrecks environment, scientist claims - Jesse Ausubel claims that building enough wind farms, damming enough rivers, and growing enough biomass to meet global energy demands will wreck the environment, in contrast to the "small" footprint of nuclear energy. This propaganda is brought to you by Rockefeller University in New York, for Inderscience's International Journal of Nuclear Governance, Economy and Ecology. (PhysOrg; July 24)

      Sunday, July 29, 2007
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      • Fuel Efficiency > GEET
        href="http://www.slweekly.com/editorial/2007/feat_2007-07-26.cfm">"Fuel-Injected Lunatic"
        - Salt Lake City Weekly cover story features the plight of GEET inventor, Paul Pantone, who remains incarcerated on dubious charges.  The publication happened to coincide with the annual ExtraOrdinary Technology conference, frequented by Pantone in years past. (July 26)
      • Hydrogen
        href="http://news.com.com/Hydrogen+power+on+the+go/2100-11392_3-6199245.html?tag=nefd.top">Portable hydrogen-powered generator
        - Houston-based Trulite is developing a portable hydrogen-powered generator, the KH4. Pour water into the unit, and it will crank out 150 watts of power, and 200 watts at its peak. While that won't run your house, it's enough to recharge power tools or a laptop or run a small appliance; though very expensively. (CNET News; July 27)
      • Biofuels
        href="http://www.worldpress.org/print_article.cfm?article_id=2994&dont=yes">Biofuels from slave labour?
          "When the airplane passed, pouring out that bath of poison, my father was soaked. He fell ill because of the toxins that are sprayed over the cane. This is the end for many young people here," says a female cane cutter from the region of Ribeirao Preto, in São Paulo state. (July 23, 2007) (Thanks Hal Ade)

      Saturday, July 28, 2007
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      • Bioelectricity
        Two bacteria better than one in cellulose-fed fuel cell - No currently known bacteria that allow termites and cows to digest cellulose, can power a microbial fuel cell and those bacteria that can produce electrical current cannot eat cellulose. But careful pairing of bacteria can create a fuel cell that consumes cellulose and produces electricity, according to a team of Penn State researchers. (PhysOrg; July 27)
      • Fuel Efficiency > Retrofits
        title="http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/07/greenbox captur.php" href="http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/07/greenbox_captur.php" rel=nofollow>Capturing CO2 to Make Biodiesel
        - Fitted to a car instead of an exhaust, the Greenbox device traps carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. The captured gases from the box would be fed to algae, which would then be crushed to produce a bio-oil that can be converted to biodiesel. The box needs to be replaced about every full tank of fuel. (TreeHugger; Jul. 20, 2007)


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