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#1 Breakthrough: Solid State Generator; 1MW self-sustaining E-cat; paper battery; Hydro+; Evaporizor

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  • Sterling Allan
    Free Energy News http://FreeEnergyNews.com a.. Feature: Donate to PES Network / Green Power Inc. Hopefully last call for donations - I thought by now that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2011

      'Free Energy' News

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      • Feature: Donate to PES Network / Green Power Inc. >
        Hopefully last call for donations - I thought by now that we at PES would never again need to pass the hat because of all the incredible things happening in the free energy sector. Oh so close, but not quite there yet. Meanwhile, we really appreciate your contributions. We know this is a challenging time for everyone. (PESN; January 13, 2011)

      Sunday, July 24, 2011

      • Featured: News > SmartScarecrow
        href="http://freeenergynews.com/SmartScarecrow/">Free Energy Week

        Sterling's Weekly Free Energy Review on SmartScarecrow Show: July 21, 2011 - Rossi's Self Sustaining One Megawatt Reactor • The New Fire • Low Energy Nuclear Revolution (video) • Cold Fusion during the Cold War • Transcription of Russian Cold Fusion Video Documenting 1957 Start • Panacea Produces Hidro+ Promo with anti-Fracking Message • CENIMA's Paper Battery that Charges with Water from Humidity • Report on Tesla Energy Independence Celebration 2011, Philadelphia (FreeEnergyNews)

      Saturday, July 23, 2011


      Friday, July 22, 2011

      • Featured: Alt Fuels / Fuel Efficiency > Retrofits

        Mt. Vernon man touts homemade alt. fuel device - Marcello Bartolotta of Mt. Vernon, Missouri, USA demonstrates to a local newspaper a device he created with plumbing parts that allows a gasoline engine to run on a variety of alternative fuels including frying oil, propane, diesel, kerosene, E85, paint thinner, and water. (PESWiki and BeforeItsNews; July 22, 2011)
      • DIY / Humor

        How to stop cats pissing on your car - Australian comedian and do-it-yourselfer, Craig Turner, shows how you can rig your car's auto-lock feature onto your garden hose, triggered by your motion detector, to give the neighborhood felines second thoughts about hanging around your car. Complete with camera array. Before trying this yourself, read the opening warning. (YouTube; May 1, 2011)

      Thursday, July 21, 2011

      • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear
        href="http://www.peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Cold_Fusion">Cold Fusion > Rossi

        Rossi's Self Sustaining One Megawatt Reactor - Among the breaking news items about Andrea Rossi's cold fusion E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology is the announcement that the one megawatt reactor launching this October will likely self sustain with no external input power. Clarification on recent NASA meeting. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; July 21, 2011)
      • Featured: Nuclear
        href="http://www.peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Cold_Fusion">Cold Fusion >

        Transcription of Russian Cold Fusion Video Documenting 1957 Start - Igor has transcribed and translated a two-part video documenting the role that Russian, Filimonenko Ivan Stepanovich played in developing and patenting a cold fusion technology that pre-dates by over two times the 23 years since Pons and Fleishman made their announcement. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; July 21, 2011)


      Wednesday, July 20, 2011

      Tuesday, July 19, 2011

      • Featured: Batteries

        CENIMA's Paper Battery that Charges with Water from Humidity - CENIMAT researchers in Portugal have developed a paper battery technology that store or even harvests energy from water. The charging process is automatically initiated at the sites with more than 40% moisture in the atmosphere. This innovation can be used for the production of power for electronics. (PESWiki; July 19, 2011)
      • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi

        The New Fire - Ruby Carat opines that the emergence of Rossi's E-Cat cold fusion reactor could mark as significant a turning point in human history as the harnessing of fire by early man. "Not having a definitive theory won’t stop this technology from materializing out of the Mystery Landscape, nor will it be stopped by the virtual silence of the mainstream scientific community and media." (Cold Fusion Now; July 15, 2011)

      Monday, July 18, 2011

      • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi

        Low Energy Nuclear Revolution (video) - Professional, 40-minute documentary reviews cold fusion history and the significance of the emergence of Rossi's energy catalyzer technology. Witnesses, primarily Professor Sergio Focardi of the University of Bologna, describe the experimental set-up of the E-Cat. (YouTube / MayerAmschelBauer; June 23, 2011)
      • Events > TeslaTech Conf. > 2011

        Tesla Tech ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 2011 (video) - A promo video for the conference coming up at the end of this month, which I finally got my airline tickets for today. Featured speakers include Marco Rodin on local black holes, Paul Pantone on GEET, Warran Starnes on photon healing, David Schmidt on anti-aging, Clayton Nolte on structured water, Dale Pond on scalar potential. (YouTube; July 1, 2011)
      • Conspiracy > Ron Paul

        Ron Paul Money Bomb for Ames Straw Poll Victory! - Starting midnight tonight, the "Ready, Ames, Fire!" money bomb for Republican Presidential Candidate congressman Ron Paul is taking place. The "Champion of Liberty" and proven proponent of small government, deserves our support! (BeforeItsNews; June 18, 2011)

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      July 28-31, 2011
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