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Reich Research report; Romero's Self-Sustaining Dynamo; nuclear catastrophe; water fuel promo

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  • Sterling Allan
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2011

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      'Free Energy' News

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      • Feature: Donate to PES Network / Green Power Inc. >
        Hopefully last call for donations - I thought by now that we at PES would never again need to pass the hat because of all the incredible things happening in the free energy sector. Oh so close, but not quite there yet. Meanwhile, we really appreciate your contributions. We know this is a challenging time for everyone. (PESN; January 13, 2011)

      Sunday, May 15, 2011

      • Orgone / Aetherometry / Bio-Energetics

        Orgonium Orgone Enegy Products - "We provide Orgone Energy generators, Schumann Generators, Orgone devices, Orgone products, Schumann Resonance chi Domes, Wifi radiation shields, mobile phone radiation shields, cell phone radiation shields, computer radiation shields, Orgone pendants, Orgone jewellry, EMR protection pendants & Geoclense EMR harmonizers." (OrgoneEnergy.org)
      • Conspiracy

        The Story of Bob and Sarah by Hank Mills
        Progressives, Bob and Sarah, are tracked into the future, where they find their liberal dream challenged by reality as the unsustainability of bloated government reaches a tipping point. (BeforeItsNews; May 15, 2011)

      Saturday, May 14, 2011

      • Gravity Motors / Milkovic Pendulum >
        The Secret of Free Energy from the Pendulum (pdf) - In this work, the author for the first time has identified the centrifugal force as a source of over unity work under some conditions and also calculated maximal efficiency quotients of the machine. Problems which easy can undermine over unity behavior of machine were identified and solutions were proposed. (VeljkoMilkovic.com; May 11, 2011)
      • Biofuels > Cautions

        If Not Grown Wisely, Biofuels Can Emit 55 Times More CO2 Than Fossil Fuels - An interesting MIT study reveals that biofuels can in some circumstances generate on average 10 times more carbon dioxide than fossil fuels, depending on how they’re produced. The study involved a life-cycle analysis of 14 biofuel sources. Palm oil emitted 55 times more carbon dioxide if the palm plantation was located in a converted rainforest. (Green Optimistic; May 11, 2011)

      Friday, May 13, 2011

      • Featured: News > SmartScarecrow
        href="http://freeenergynews.com/SmartScarecrow/">Free Energy Week

        Sterling's Weekly Free Energy Review on SmartScarecrow Show: May 12, 2011 - F-16s Ground Free Energy Inventor • Seven Reasons to Embrace Rossi's Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) • Patent granted for E-Cat • Cold fusion economy supported by Greek government • Romero's Self-Sustaining Dynamo Drama • Nuclear Catastrophe • Fred Wells Version VII Hydroxy Generator Concept Truck • Brown's Gas and Radioactivity (FreeEnergyNews; May 12, 2011)
      • Conspiracy
        href="http://www.peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:9/11_Conspiracy">911 > Bin Laden Fraud >

        Proof: Bin Laden Death Another Gov't Lie (video) - Alex Jones debunks the legacy of lies that fill the pages of the phony War on Terror narrative– killing bin Laden, 9/11, Iraq, all of it– in a special 15-minute video address. This “war” is nothing more than a dramatized narrative meant to frighten the simple, captive public into accepting greater societal control, preparing for the next falst flag event that could entail a nuke. (Infowars; May 12, 2011)

      Thursday, May 12, 2011

      Wednesday, May 11, 2011

      • Featured / OS: Suppression
        href="http://www.peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:William_(Bill)_Muller_Dynamo">Muller Dynamo >

        Romero's Self-Sustaining Dynamo Drama - An overunity.com forum member going by the handle "romerouk" claims to have produced a self sustaining "Muller Dynamo." He has posted instructions, specifications, pictures, and videos of the device. Then yesterday, after receiving an unsettling visit, he announced it was all a, "big fake." (PESN and BeforeItsNews; May 11, 2011)
      • Featured: Suppression

        F-16s Ground Free Energy Inventor - Mistakenly thinking that the U.S. vice president was seeking him out, a free energy inventor had his pilot take evasive action when two F-16s showed up in their air space today, resulting in the F-16's forcing them to land. Thoughts about avoiding acting out of paranoia. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; May 11, 2011)
      • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion

        Patent granted for the energy catalyzer - The Italian energy catalyzer that seems to be based on an unknown nuclear reaction is now patented in Italy. The examination continues regarding protection in the rest of the world. The Italian Patent Office granted a patent for the energy catalyzer on April 6, 2011, valid until April 9, 2028. (Ny Teknik; May 9, 2011)

      Tuesday, May 10, 2011

      • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi

        Cold fusion economy supported by Greek government - Spiegel Online has obtained information from German government sources knowledgeable of the situation in Athens indicating that Papandreou’s government is considering abandoning the euro and reintroducing its own currency... backed by profits of E-Cat manufacturing and licensing, estimated in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. (Cold Fusion Now; May 7, 2011)


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