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Kapanadze patent; Orbo results; WITTS validation; HHOi; Update on Pond's replication of GEM water fuel cell

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  • Sterling Allan
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2010

      'Free Energy' News

      Sunday, Oct. 3, 2010

      • Conspiracy / Orwell

        Stop the Internet Blacklist - The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA), introduced last week by a group of powerful Senators -- Republicans and Democrats alike -- would result in US citizens finding themselves joining Iranians and Chinese in being blocked from accessing broad chunks of the public Internet. COICA creates two blacklists of Internet domain names. (Huffington Post; Sept. 27, 2010)

      Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010

      • Fuel Efficiency > U.S. Government and Energy >
        62-mpg car standard by 2025? U.S. mulls options - The Obama administration has submitted a notice of intent [where's that in the Constitution, which has Congress as the lawmaking body?] to meet a mileage standard set somewhere from a low of 47 mpg to a high of 62 mpg. The notice lays the groundwork for a proposal to be issued in September 2011 and approved by July 2012, giving time for feedback. (MSNBC; Oct. 1, 2010)

      Friday, Oct. 1, 2010

      • Electromagnetic

        Kapanadze Overunity Patent Application WO 2008/103129 A1 (645 kb pdf) - "The present invention is a device both self sufficient (self feeding) and producing ready to use electric energy, starts to operate with the initial electrical energy received from accumulator..., tranfering the magnetic field generated in first bobbin to second bobbin through a frequency stabilizer, after rhythmically stabilizing..." (FreeEnergyNews; Oct. 1, 2010)

      Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010

      • Hydro > Wave

        Wave Power Lights Up U.S. Electrical Grid For First Time - Ocean Power Technologies has hooked up its PB40 PowerBuoy to the grid at the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii, marking the first time waves have provided energy to the U.S. electrical grid. A 10 MW PowerBuoy station occupies 12.5 hectares of ocean. (Inhabitat; Sept. 28, 2010)
      • Conspiracy / Global Warming > Geoengineering

        What in the World are they Spraying? (video) - See this trailer for a new documentary film by G. Edward Griffin coming Oct. 22 about the Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup. Griffin exposes the WHO and the WHY behind those crisscrossed streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, which rather than fade like contrails, expand, containing toxic barium and aluminum. (YouTube / TheAlexJonesChannel; Sept. 29, 2010)

      Wednesday, September 29, 2010

      • Feature: Contests / Grid

        GE Ecomagination Challenge - In addition to prize money for the best ideas, GE and its funding partners have allocated $200 million to go toward the development of key concepts that will help reshape the grid, whether it be by providing more affordable and stable clean power, or help with the transmission, or help in the efficiency on the consumption end. See the NEC's proposal to fund its vetting of the best Maverick technologies. (PESWiki; Sept. 29, 2010)
      • Events: Electromagnetic / Radiant Energy >
        Renaissance Conference November 13-14, 2010 - A Workshop giving people a chance to spend time at the shop with John Bedini and others of like-mind in actual assembly of his cutting edge energy technology, including the R-Charge battery chargers, Bedini/Cole magnetic window motor energizers, and electric vehicle conversions. "This may be more significant than the '84 Tesla Symposium." -- Rick Friedrich (R-Charge; Sept. 2010)
      • Solar PV > Thin Film

        Stanford Unveils Solar Cells Thinner Than Light Wavelengths - Engineers at Stanford recently announced that they have developed a new type of solar cell thinner than the wavelengths of light that could absorb 10 times the amount of sunlight that current cells do. By configuring the thicknesses of several thin layers of films, an organic polymer cell could transform the solar energy industry. (Inhabitat; Sept. 28, 2010)

      Tuesday, September 28, 2010

      • Feature: EVs

        Choosing Vanity Tones for Electric Vehicles - My suggestions for researchers at the University of Warwick, who are experimenting with sounds that could eventually be applied to all EVs to apprize pedestrians of oncoming electric vehicles, which are too quiet. The artificial sounds would assist with info about size, direction, speed, accelerating, decelerating. (PESN; September 28, 2010)
      • Ley Lines / Gravity Motors / Organizations

        WITTS Overunity Independent Verifications (video) - This clip features Timothy Thrapp speaking with Richard Lobwein, an Australian telecommunications specialist who travelled all the way from Down Under to inspect and evaluate a range of WITTS advanced energy technologies, including a ley line generator and a gravity motor. They discuss some of the theory behind overunity systems. (YouTube / WITS2014; Sept. 27, 2010)

      Monday, September 27, 2010

      • Feature: Water > as Fuel / Electrolysis
        href="http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:_Hydrogen_Hog_by_Future_Energy_Concepts,_Inc.">Freddy's Cell >

        HHOi under pressure into fuel rail may be the key to running vehicles on water and air - Rick, a researcher in Utah, apparently got his vehicle to idle using this set-up, with his fuel pump disabled, similar to Freddy, who claims to have gotten a pickup truck to drive on this arrangement. This may be the first replication of the effect, and hopefully will spur a host of replications. (PESN; Sept. 27, 2010)


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