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mother of all toxic gushers; self-looped Anton cell; grid paralysis potential; Isentropic gravel batteries

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    Free Energy News http://FreeEnergyNews.com Sunday, May 2, 2010 a.. Featured: Oil Ecological Impact Mother of all gushers could kill Earth s oceans -
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2010

      'Free Energy' News

      Sunday, May 2, 2010

      • Featured: Oil > Ecological Impact >
        Mother of all gushers could kill Earth's oceans - Imagine a pipe 5 feet wide spewing crude oil like a fire hose from what could be the planets' largest, high-pressure oil and gas reserve. With the best technology available to man, the Deepwater Horizon rig popped a hole into that reserve and was overwhelmed. If this isn't contained, it could poison all the oceans of the world. (PESN; May 2, 2010)
      • Featured: Communities

        Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage - Many of them eat vegan to reduce their diet footprint, grow their own food, use mulching toilets, run their gray water into their agriculture, do cob for building, run their cars on veggie oil, and have solar showers – all the things we want to do in our community; but they've been at it for 15 years. (PESWiki; May 2, 2010)
      • Building

        Mormon Church unveils renewable meetinghouse - The LEED silver-certified meetinghouse's 158 solar panels are expected to provide a net zero grid consumption. Other environment-friendly elements in the prototype include: dual flush toilets, Xeriscaped landscaping, underground soil-moisture sensors, tankless water heaters, recycle bins, motion-sensitive light switches, etc. (Deseret News; April 27, 2010)

      Saturday, May 1, 2010

      • Featured: Oil > Ecological Impact >
        Deepwater Horizon debacle pushes alt energy - In addition ot devastating ecological despoiling, the oil slick could shut down Mississippi River transport, effecting nearly half of U.S. import/export commerce. The damage to the tourism industry in Alabama and Florida could top $25 Billion a year for several years. Faced with this disaster the Obama Administration has just stopped all off shore drilling. (PESN; May 1, 2010)
      • EVs / Solar > Paint

        Renault Solar Paint Car - An environmentally friendly design car of the Renault combines electric power and renewable energy from solar energy through nano solar paint on car. Renault 2010 Sand Jumper uses next-gen renewable energy technology and recycled, recyclable ecological materials. (Alt Energy News; Apr. 27, 2010)

      Friday, April 30, 2010

      • Featured: Grid / Emergency Preparedness >
        Zero Hour: The Day The Grid Stood Still - There are several causal factors, natural and manmade, that could bring out modern grid to a stand-still, arguing for the need for distributed, hardened power. Disruption could come from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from a military nuclear detonation, or it could come from a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun. (PESN; April 30, 2010)
      • Nuclear > Fusion

        Can world's largest laser zap Earth's energy woes? - Years behind and far over budget, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory hopes this summer to achieve a fusion instance, creating "star power" in a jar for a trillionth of a second. With "proper funding" (billions more) it might be 20 years before they achieve a commercial version that is continuous and reliable. (CNN; April 28, 2010)

      Thursday, April 29, 2010

      • Piezoelectric / Human-Powered
        href="http://www.peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Human-Powered_by_Step_Action">Step Action >

        Shoe Generator Harvests Power from Walking - A researcher at Louisiana Tech University designed a shoe that contains a small generator in its sole that generates a piezoelectric charge, which is then converted into electricity for charging batteries or powering small electronics in real time. Kaajakari employed a low-cost, polymer transducer, a soft, flexible material that replaces the shoe’s heel shock absorber without sacrificing user experience. (Science Daily; Apr. 27, 2010)
      • Wind > Offshore

        Researchers study feasibility of giant deep-ocean wind turbines - A research team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is studying the feasibility of placing large wind turbines on deep-ocean platforms. The research, which combines sophisticated computer simulations and water tank studies using physical models, may point the way toward an environmentally friendly source of energy that could potentially fill a significant portion of the electricity needs of 26 U.S. coastal states. (PhysOrg; April 28, 2010)
      • Trends

        China Cleans Up - Last year China exceeded U.S. investment in clean energy, with a total of $34.6 billion, to reduce its pollution and increase its domestic capability. Not only is the country adding nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, and solar power at an unrivaled pace, but it's fast becoming a proving ground for next-­generation energy technologies that have stalled elsewhere. (MIT Technology Review; Apr. 29, 2010)

      Wednesday, April 28, 2010

      • Wave
        href="http://www.peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Wave_buoys">Buoys // Wind > Offshore

        Poseidon: A Power Plant for Wind and Waves - A Danish company says it has designed a platform that can house wind turbines as well as harvest energy from the surrounding waves, having built a small prototype. They are in the midst of completing a larger one, and ultimately hope to build a commercial version that will sport three 1.5-megawatt to 2-megawatt wind turbines or a single 5-megawatt turbine. (Green Tech Media; Apr. 26, 2010)

      Tuesday, April 27, 2010

      • Featured: Fuel Efficiency > Water as Fuel > Hydroxy

        Self-Looped Anton HHO Cell System - Some researchers in Germany have excited the forums with their announcement of being able to self-run a 1000-watt generator from the HHO gas generated from the Anton electrolysis process. So the electrolysis unit produces HHO gas which runs a genset, and the electricity produced then runs the electrolysis unit. (PESWiki; April 27, 2010) (Comments)
      • Alt Fuels
        href="http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Biomass">Biomass > Biofuels > R&D

        New Gasification Process More Efficiently Converts Biomass to Biofuels - Researchers at the Universities of Massachusetts and Minnesota have created a gasification process that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and doubles the amount of fuel via a special catalytic reactor that converts all the CO2 and and methane into carbon monoxide, which can be used to create biofuels. The system could be market-ready in as few as two years. (PhysOrg; Apr. 21, 2010)

      Monday, April 26, 2010

      • Solar > PV

        PV Cell Prototype Generates Electricity from IR and UV Light - Scientists at the Kyoto Institute of Technology are developing a way to create a photovoltaic cell that can capture visible, infrared and ultraviolet light of the sun via a nitride semiconductor added with transition metals as a photoelectric conversion material. (Alt Energy News; April 26, 2010)

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