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Boyce chip implanter suspect; two 'groovy' inventions; TeslaUniverse

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      'Free Energy' News

      Tuesday, December 8, 2009

      • Fuel Efficiency > Retrofits

        Another Groovy Invention (video) - Somender Singh describes (in English) his patented technology for a Belgian TV station. Says that by putting three simple grooves going into the combustion chamber that mileage can be increased by as much as 50%, through the properly-placed turbulence. (Canvas.be; Nov. 2, 2009) (See our updated feature page.)
      • Waste to Energy > from Sewage >
        British firm gets taste for 'poo power' - Britain's biggest water company, Thames Water, lifted the lid Monday on how it slashed costs by burning customers' faeces to make electricity.Energy is generated through either "thermal destruction", where dried blocks of "poo cake" are burned, or "anaerobic digestion", where the methane from sewage sludge is burned. (Eergy Daily; Dec. 7, 2009)

      Monday, December 7, 2009


      Sunday, December 6, 2009

      • Featured: Buyer Beware / Suppression

        Boyce chip implanter suspect identified - Bob Boyce first noticed what turned out to be the VeriChip implant that caused his malignant tumor when he was working with former associate, Bob Potchen. Having fallen asleep at a desk, when he awoke, his right shoulder felt like it had been numbed; and when he rubbed it, he noticed a small, hard lump there. (PESN; Dec. 6, 2009) (Comment)

      Saturday, December 5, 2009

      • Organizations / Tesla

        TeslaUniverse.com - The Tesla Universe is a free resource, including community features such as forums, chat, interactive comments and content rating systems. Contents include all 78 issues of the Tesla Coil Builders Association newsletters, interactive Tesla timeline, quote and book databases, and much more.

      Friday, December 4, 2009

      • Classifieds: Magnet Motors

        Detroit Magnet Motor Inventor Seeks Gauss Meter - An inventor in Detroit said that on Dec. 1 an all-magnet motor he's been working on began rapidly spinning by the power of magnetism alone. He is looking for someone in the Detroit area who has a gauss meter he could use to test the magnets to see if they are diminishing in strength. (PESWiki; Dec. 4, 2009)
      • Nanotechnology / Solar / Batteries

        New nano-material could lead to self-washing windows and solar panels - Researchers from Tel Aviv University have discovered a new nanomaterial that can repel dust and water and could provide a self-cleaning coating for windows or solar panels. The new material is made up of molecules of peptides that “grow” to resemble small forests of grass. The coating also acts as a super-capacitor, thereby possibly providing an energy boost to batteries. (GizMag; December 3, 2009)

      Thursday, December 3, 2009

      • Radiant Energy / Electromagnetic
        href="http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Bedini_SG">Bedini SG

        PotentialTec.com: Radiant Energy Ordering Center - "Educating the public in potential technology discovered by Nicola Tesla and John Bedini. We offer a variety of electronic parts and research kits developed by Rick Friedrich and John Bedini. These educational kits, requested by the public, are replications of Bedini’s prototype motor generator Energizers."
      • Fuel Efficiency > Hydroxy

        HH2 hydrogen technology purports to turn any gas-guzzler into a hybrid - California-based HydroLectricPower claims its HH2 system ("not HHO") can turn just about any fossil-fuel-powered vehicle into an eco-friendly hybrid with the installation of a book-sized device that uses energy from the vehicle's 12-Volt battery to extract hydrogen and oxygen (separately) from distilled water, which are then blended with the existing fuel source to enhance fuel combustion inside the engine combustion chambers. (GizMag; Dec. 2, 2009)


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