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AquaBuOY; Joe cell seminar substitute; oscillating water column; solar pavement; silicon

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  • Free Energy News
    Free Energy News http://FreeEnergyNews.com The best news and directory service on the net regarding cutting edge energy technologies. (Go here for links to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2006
      'Free Energy' News

      The best news and directory service on the net
      regarding cutting edge energy technologies.

      (Go here for links to stories below, if you don't get this by HTML)

      Electricity - Make it, Don't buy it - Biodiesel in back yard
      http://pesnetwork.netw6000.hop.clickbank.net/ - Electricity - Make it, Don't buy it - eBook shows you how to set up your own electric company running on biodiesel fuel in your back yard.

      Wednesday, July 5, 2006
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      • Solar
        href="http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Solar_Pavement">Solar Pavement
        - Featuring the general concept of pumping water through pipes in pavement to use the black-body absorption of the asphalt to collect solar heat and transmit it to the water. (PESWiki; July 5) (Thanks TreeHugger)
      • Hydrogen
        href="http://www.kvab.be/Downloads/Lezingen/Hydrogen_energycarrier.pdf">Hydrogen as an energy carrier
        - Report by the Royal Belgian Academy Council of Applied Science reviews and summarizes in simple terms the extensive and evolving knowledge available on the hydrogen economy, making practical recommendations for research & development, demonstration projects and applications. (April 2006)

      Tuesday, July 4, 2006
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      • Solar / IAS
        rel=nofollow>Solar to Gold (.com) - Marketer for International Automated Systems is seeking investors to build a power plants using this solar technology on a utility scale.  IAS' first installation due this month.

      Monday, July 3, 2006
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      • Solar
        > Silicon
        Shortage and Solutions
        - Page addresses the silicon shortage for solar photovoltaics; and solutions, including more efficient use of silicon, alternate silicon manufacturing methods, and alternatives to silicon. (PESWiki; July 2)
      • Tide
        href="http://www.planetark.com/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/37074/story.htm">Indian Tidal Power Plant to Threaten Tigers
        - Tigers in the world's largest reserve for the big cats are threatened by Indian plans for a tidal power project that will only provide electricity for a few thousand families. (Reuters; July 3)

      Sunday, July 2, 2006
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      • Featured / Top 100:
        Ocean Wave > AquaBuOY based on long-proven technology - The AquaBuOY technology, which has been independently evaluated and found commercially viable, has potential to generate electricity at a cost that is competitive with onshore and offshore wind farms and some fossil fuels, in the near to mid-term. (PESWiki; July 1)

      Saturday, July 1, 2006
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      • Space Activism & 'The Ranch' - Tim Ventura interviews Gary Voss, founder of Tap-Ten research, and talks about his latest projects in building community focus on new technologies, as well as the upcoming TeslaTech Conference & his collaborative work with Unitel Aerospace. (ZPEnergy; / AmericanAntigravity.com; June 27)
      • Solar
        href="http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2006-06/nios-rpd062706.php">Rooftop PV data for better energy prediction models
        - The National Institute of Standards and Technology has begun a 15-month research project to gather performance data to help predict the installed energy production of photovoltaic roof installations. (EurekAlert; June 26)

      Friday, June 30, 2006
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      • MPI
        href="http://www.zpenergy.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1956">Magnetic Power Inc. Patent Application Publication Pending for Solid State Electric Generator
        - MPI aims to harness the organized motion of subatomic particles, which are responsible for the force of magnetism. (ZPEnergy; June 30)
      • Solar
        > Scientists
        Announce Breakthrough in Silicon Photonics Devices
        - Building on a series of recent breakthroughs in silicon photonics, researchers at UCLA have developed a novel approach to silicon devices that combines light amplification with a photovoltaic – or solar panel – effect. (PhysOrg; June 28)

      Thursday, June 29, 2006
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      • Featured:
        Tide / Ocean Wave > Oscillating Water Column
        - Technology for harnessing the motion of ocean/sea waves as they push an air pocket up and down behind a breakwater. Wells Turbine inside generates electricity from rotation in the same direction, whether the air is moving forward or backward.  (PESWiki.com; June 29)
      • Global Warming > First Compilation of Tropical Ice Cores Shows Abrupt Global Climate Shift - For the first time, glaciologists have combined and compared sets of ancient climate records trapped in ice cores from the South American Andes and the Asian Himalayas to paint a picture of how climate has changed – and is still changing – in the tropics. Their conclusions mark a climate shift to a much warmer world within the last 50 years. (EurekAlert; June 26)


      Build a solar pool heater for under <IMG height=136
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      Build a Solar Poll Heater for under $100
      Understanding and installing your own solar electric system
      Understanding and Installing Your Own Solar Electric System


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