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Build Your Own HJ Magnetic Motor

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    Most Recent Developments/Additions to Site http://www.greaterthings.com/News/Tilley/newstuff/ also indexed at http://www.remnantsaints.com/AlternativeUtilities
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      Sunday, Nov. 3
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      Saturday, Nov. 2
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      • Related Technology > Build Your Own Howard Johnson Motor - HJ motor technical information give away by Stephen Walker.
      • Tilley Rumor > "I talked to Tilley's people, and he is making a incredible deal, but hopefully not with the Illuminati, as the funding could only be put up by their level of power." (Source: private correspondence pending approval, Oct. 30.)
      Thursday, Oct. 31
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      • Related E-group > Two New General Discussion Groups by Ron Frazier: discussing MEG and similar devices, permanent magnet motors; plasma devices; scalar and aetheric energy; hydrogen, including production and burning and cold fusion and fuel cells; heat engines and environmental energy.
        • Future Energy Now - general discussion
        • Future Energy Products - post an advertisement for a product in development or in production
      Wednesday, Oct. 30
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      • Related Developments > Adam's Motor Going to  Mass Production? - "Development and manufacturing facilities plans are under way in Brisbane Australia, St Petersburgh Russia, Forest Grove U.S.A & Sri Lanka.... Production of small units commences next month Sept 2002 at Forest Grove U.S.A, to be followed by St Petersburgh next, then Brisbane which will be the main facility and head office where the large high kilowatt machines will be manufactured"
      Tuesday, Oct. 29
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