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Grid-competitive solar; mag mot in Rus; hurricanes & global warming; US energy bill

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  • Free Energy News
    Free Energy News http://FreeEnergyNews.com/ (Go here for links to stories below, if you don t get this by HTML) Featuring: Exclusive / Breaking Solar IAUS
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2005
      'Free Energy' News
      (Go here for links to stories below, if you don't get this by HTML)
      Exclusive / Breaking

      Solar > IAUS to Push Solar to Within Competitive Range of Grid Power - Thermal solar panels coming into production in September will produce electricity at 3-5 cents per kilowatt-hour. Highly-efficient bladeless turbine has wide range of waste-heat-harnessing applications.  Methanol production technique will draw CO2 out of the environment, reversing global warming. (PESN; Aug. 2)

      , August 2, 2005
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      • ZPEnergy Magnet Motors > Another perpetual motor built in Russia - Vyacheslav Strushchenko claims to have working model, but says that for five years the Russian government has refused to grant official recognition or patent. (Pravda; July 23, 2005) (ZPEnergy; Aug. 1)

      , August 1, 2005
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      • Solar > International Automated Systems - This fall, IAS will be introducing into the marketplace a highly efficient and inexpensive solar collector (3-5 cents/kW-h). IAS is also developing a more efficient and far less costly turbine technology for electricity production. (PESWiki; July 29)
      • PhysOrg.com Conservation
        > Humans trading short-term
        food for long-term environmental losses
        - Your bowl of Cheerios and cup of coffee and all the other meals for the other 6 billion people in our world cost the Earth a bit of its water, a bit of its ecological diversity, contributed to its pollution and may one day cost us our livelihood. (PhysOrg; July 25)
      • PhysOrg.com Global Warming > Scientists give boost to climate change predictions - Researchers from MIT, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and several other government and academic institutions have created four new supercomputer simulations that for the first time combine mathematical computer models of the atmosphere, ocean, land surface and sea ice. (PhysOrg; July 25)

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