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Items relevant to launching Pure Energy Systems open sourcing encyclopedia project

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    Message Contents: - (on the side) personal request - Item #1: Wikipedia not right place; but their free software will be a great launch point - Item #2:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2003
      Message Contents:
      - (on the side) personal request
      - Item #1: Wikipedia not right place; but their free software will be a great launch point
      - Item #2: Filling positions.

      (Personal request: in launching this open sourcing technology project, pulling together a budget, and preparing a business plan for our non-profit venture to get funding, I've gone into more borrowed time in my personal finances and am in an extremely tight spot.  If you can spare a donation, that would be mochas appreciated to see us through. To donate: http://tinyurl.com/ydi6 )
      Regarding http://www.pureenergysystems.com open sourcing alternative energy technology . . .

      Item 1: Wikipedia.org is NOT going to be the right place to host the PureEnergySystems.com alternative energy open sourcing / encyclopedia project.

      It looks like Wikipedia general body is going to reject the proposed Free Energy Project at Wikipedia.

      After reviewing the various reasons given, I can see why it would probably be best to form a separate location to host this project.

      1. We need to far more specific content (more thorough than Wikipedia allows)
      2. We need to be able to post some speculation (identifying it as such) for the sake of spurring productive brainstorming and inventing
      3. We can't afford to have people not familiar with the field sabotaging our hard work by indiscriminate deleting and harassing such as I've experienced at Wikipedia.

      I would also like to have an editorial review process built in prior to changes going live, though people could have access to the proposed changes if they are curious. It would remove some of the anarchy that is found at Wikipedia.

      The thought that some nincompoop could indiscriminately wipe out something I've written with great effort of time and concentration is a bit much for me. I don't have the time to watch over my work like a hawk to ensure it is not warped and twisted beyond recognition. I'm sure others will feel the same way.

      I see a hybrid of the open editing at Wikipedia, along with the editorial review of open-site.org as being the best combination.

      Wikipedia's back-end software is open sourced and available for free.

      Item #2 -- Looking to fill positions

      We have most of our positions pretty well decided.  There are several positions we are yet looking to fill with this open sourcing project.

      • Database architect (full-time)
      • Database programmer (full-time)
      • Hardware Specialist (part-time)
      • Chief Engineer (full-time)
      These will be volunteer (free time) positions until we secure our funding, which could be soon, or it could take a while.  Relocation is probably necessary.
      Sterling D. Allan
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