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  • Sterling D. Allan
    Free Energy Updates http://FreeEnergy.GreaterThings.com FEATURING Product on Market a.. AirGenTM - worlds first indoor fuel cell generator for sale. Size
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2003
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      Product on Market >
      AirGenTM - worlds first indoor fuel cell generator for sale.  Size of a mini-fridge, provides 1 kw for 8 hours on tank of hydrogen; emits only water vapor and heat. pricey: $5995.00
      Donations appreciated to help offset the costs of running this updates service.
      Sunday, November 30
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      • Thrust Enhancement > Automatic Ratio Adjuster - automatically maintains the optimum gear ratio; beneficial to all sorts of machines that transfer rotation force from an input (motor or engine) to an output (drive wheels of an auto or drill bit in a drill press).
      • Buyer Beware > I Was a Dennis Lee Dealer - Be Careful - technology might have merit, but tactics are suspect.
      Saturday, November 29
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      Thursday, November 27 -- Happy Thanksgiving (US)
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      Wednesday, November 26
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      • (OT) Cool Images > Hubble Shots
      • (OT) Web Tool > Vivisimo.com - search engine with "clustering" technology. (Will be hard to convince me anything is better than Google.com for speed and relevance.)
      Tuesday, November 25
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      Monday, November 24
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      • * Ready for Production > WhisperGen - Quiet, clean generator based in the Stirling engine.  A mass of nitrogen is moved from a hot place to a cold place inside the top of a cylinder and back again. There are no valves. The gas is heated by a continuous flame. The unique patented "wobble yoke" harnesses the piston motion. The local power companies have been involved in bringing it to production.
      Sunday, November 23
      • Legislation > PureEnergySystems Political Action Committee - To urge a shift in legislation to protect the emergence and punish the suppression of new energy technologies, including super-carburetors.  Looking for international coordinator of national PACs.
      Saturday, November 22
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      • Open Sourcing > PureEnergySystems Update - new FE organization founding is taking shape.  Will feature open sourcing technology, awards, FE energy encyclopedia, academy, PAC.
      • (OT) Preserving Freedom > New Party Taking Form - mission statement drafted, motto, by-laws taking shape.
      Friday, November 21
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      Thursday, November 20
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      • Electromagnetic FE Device Claim >
        Lutec Updates Its Website - first update since March. "Final design, construction, testing and satisfying regulatory authorities could take one to two years. Everything hinges on our completing the prototype to the degree required, after which things will move very quickly."  See also: Lutec index
      Wednesday, November 19
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      • New Mainstream Magazine >
        ** Premier Issue **
        Distributed Energy: -- The Journal for On-Site Power Solutions - targets businesses that seek power independence, great advertising resource for emerging technologies. Free introductory subscriptions for qualified entities.
      • Trends > GM Pitches Hydrogen Cars in Oil-Thirsty China (Reuters, 11/20/03)
      • Editorial > Get Off Your Gas - It's long past time to pull the plug on foreign oil -- and encourage the development of and mass use of alternative, Made in the USA fuels like ethanol and biodiesel. (PRNewswire, 11/13/03)
      • Directory > Solid State Electrical Generators -
        Extracting inexhaustible energy 'from the cosmos' with devices that have no moving parts.
      • Newsletter > Future Energy eNews by Thomas Valone's Integrity Research Institute (Nov. 19, 2003)
        Global Warming affects energy choices • Energy Bill is useless says Union of Concerned Scientists • LED Therapy • Handling Innovation with Patience • Report on the Tesla Conference
      Tuesday, November 18
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      Monday, November 17
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      Sunday, November 16
      • FE Harassment >
        Anti-Gravity Inventor's Stuff Not Appreciated by . . . ? - John Hutchison's apartment balcony in New Westminster, British Columbia, looks like a garage collection from a visitor from outer space. The city says "move it or else." Supporters say its not "junk" and to stop needlessly harassing him.
      Saturday, November 15
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      Friday, November 14
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      • Mainstream Water > Dean Kaman's Water Purifier - Segway inventor has developed a portable distillation condensation device. Efficiency based on recycling energy - into boiling, from condensing. Is developing marketing & distributorships
      Thursday, November 13
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      • Discussion Boards > RMN Hutchison Forum - Author of "Hutchison Effect (see site)
      • Symposia > RD&D Conference & Expo - "The Event For New Design and Discovery. BY Engineers...FOR Engineers... Working together to network, communicate, understand..."
        Nov. 17-20, 2003; Washington, D.C. USA
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