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(OT) IMPORTANT: Message to the Groggy Remnant -- Help Prevent World War III

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    Actually, this is not off topic from Free Energy. It is mentioned explicitly an in an featured way in the article. Message to the Groggy Remnant -- Help
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2003
      Actually, this is not off topic from Free Energy.  It is mentioned explicitly an in an featured way in the article.
      Message to the Groggy Remnant -- Help Prevent World War III - Plea to those who consider that they are or might be or want to be counted among the "remnant" spoken of in scriptures.

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      Message to the Groggy Remnant

      by Sterling D. Allan
      Oct. 3, 2003


      I write this to those who consider that they are or might be or want to be counted among the "remnant" spoken of in scriptures.

      I realize you are all very busy in your various tasks that the Lord has called you to do.  So in beseeching you to read this message, please know I would not do so if I did not think it was highly important.

      I will try to keep this rather short, in interest of your time.

      Most of you will agree with me that one of the attributes of that a "remnant" person possesses is that they seek to extend a voice of warning to their fellow-men, so that they can be instrumental in helping as many as they can to avoid the calamities of destruction that follow a path of wickedness.

      This attribute is balanced with the quest to seek the proper course and to set and example of the way things ought to be in the world.

      As you probably know by now, I have recently announced my candidacy for President of the United States in 2004 (www.allan2004.com).  I sincerely believe that this is not just a "make a statement and awaken a few souls" kind of effort -- though that is certainly a by-product.  No, I actually believe that I could win the race for the Whitehouse -- with the help of my remnant friends and angels of God.

      Before you dismiss this notion out of hand as being both ridiculous and impossible considering the circumstances we are in today, I ask of you to hear me out.

      I have purported that the only way I could be elected is if there is a general and massive transformation of the American People.  Such a transformation would constitute a collective change of heart of the people -- effectively turning away the calamities that are slated to come upon them if there is not such a change.

      "Nice thought, Sterling, but not in line with reality," you might say.

      I disagree.  It is not just a kind thought with no possibility for realization.

      We as a people choose our destiny.  We chart the course we will take as a civilization.

      World War III is not necessary. (ref)

      We do not have to go through calamity in order to arrive at the ideal society.

      However, the turning away of calamity is no small feat.

      There is much momentum working against us, though there is also much momentum working in our favor -- thanks to the effort of the remnant sprinkled throughout the world, in all strata of society.

      Here is some of what we have working against us.

        - We are laboring under a curse as a society.
        - God is sending "strong delusion" (Isa. 66:4; II Thes. 2:11)
        - Prophecy believers are anxiously waiting for destructions.
        - Satan's power is coming to a peak.
        - The Lord's servant is purposely not comely.
        - Masses are lulled asleep to a sense of their awful situation.
        - The work of God in the end times will be unprecedented and "strange," catching everyone by surprise.

      These factors have their influence the remnant as well as the mainstream, though not as much.

      Meanwhile, here is what we have in our favor:

        - Increasing awakening by the remnant.
        - Highly evolved planet among the planets.
        - Many thousands of warriors for the Lord.
        - An understanding that the destruction option is not irrevocable.
        - Increasing awareness that good surprises can come from the the low of state.
        - A line-up of new-world advances on the verge of breaking forth, such as non-fossil fuel energy with unlimited input.

      Now, with that brief synopsis, let me draw an analogy.

      At the time of Jesus Christ, God intentionally placed a veil of sorts over the people's eyes -- including Jesus' closest disciples -- and purposely withheld the Holy Ghost from them. (John 7:39; Acts 1:4,5.)  As a result, they did not comprehend who he was until after he was crucified and resurrected.

      Likewise, in the latter days, there are a multitude of prophecies about one mighty and strong who is to come to set the house of God in order; and that in a period of great darkness he will be marred, but then he will be healed, and this will usher in a new period of enlightenment on a parallel to the Pentecost anointing that came on the Saints at the time of Jesus Christ -- but on an even higher level this time.

      That is how it will unfold if we proceed on the path we are on.  It is on a parallel to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by the Jews, except this time it will be the Father of heaven come in the flesh that they (the Gentiles / Western World / Christians / Mormons) will reject.

      What I am purporting in my race for the presidency, is that the prophecies behind this race say that it is possible for the remnant to shake off that groggy veil over their eyes through a feat of great self-will and devotion to seeking the highest that is in them and for the sake of the highest that is in mankind.

      In the comparison to the time of Jesus, the "remnant" are analogous to the disciples and apostles of Christ.  They are that subset who awaken more than the general populous, but they still are veiled in their minds and hearts to the point hat even they turned, every one, from Jesus at his darkest hour.

      What I am saying is that in this latter-day scenario, we do not have to take the route of going through destructions, of marring the Lord's servant, etc.; but that we could exercise a feat of will unprecedented in history, and ultimately rare in the universe of billions of planets like ours.

      I call it the "repentance clause" of history.  "If you don't repent, then this is going to happen.  But if you do repent, then the terrible thing won't happen."  Most prophets seem to write with a sort of skepticism that though they realize repentance is an option, that they are sure the destructions will come because of how wicked the people were in the visions they beheld.

      What would it take to push through such a repentance clause in our day?

      A supreme act of will of choice stemming from the heart of hearts of the remnant, who themselves as a quorum (144,000 is the symbolic number of that quorum) are of the "one mighty and strong" caliber to one extent or another.

      When you read my reporting of this prophecy about my race for the Presidency in 2004, in which write-up I used a coding I discovered called Alphabetics, do not expect to have that same warm and fuzzy feeling you experience while reading the scriptures.  Part of the "strong delusion" that God is sending on this people because they have chosen to believe a lie, is that He veils their eyes from seeing the alternate path until they receive the full brunt of the consequences of their awful decision to choose the way of deception.  It is part of the curse we are under for not accepting the higher teachings God would have given us if we had just received them when they were presented.

      Another factor for you to bear in mind is that just because I might not seem to be any one of surpassing attributes and charisma -- e.g. presidential material -- does not mean that is God's opinion of me in his plan for mankind.  David likewise was a person of no particular esteem among the Israelites.  In speaking of the time when the arm of the Lord is revealed, Isaiah describes the Lord's servant as having "no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.  He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we his as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not."  (53:2,3.)

      Yes, that is a prophecy of Jesus Christ among the Jews, but it will also have application in the latter days.

      There are a good number of prophecies that say in essence, "When I came among my own, no man among you received me; and when I called again, there were none to answer," meaning that the second advent of the work of God in the midst of his people, this time among the Gentiles, will be received with no warmer welcome than the first advent among his people, the Jews.  (D&C 133:66,67; Isaiah 63:3,6; Isa. 50; 2 Nephi 2,3; Isa. 59:1,16; 63:5; 66:4; 41:28; 2 Ne. 8:18-20; D&C 10:57; 35:8; Psalm 68:20; Job 5:1; Ezekiel 22:20; Zephaniah 3:6; Isa. 42:22; Isa. 54:4; JST-Psalm 14:1-7; Jeremiah 30:17; 35:17.)

      This phenomenon is only partially removed from the remnant.  At least the remnant will acknowledge some good from the Lord's servant.  That understanding alone should sober us profoundly, and alert us to the need for extraordinary vigilance.  Each one of the remnant can relate to the above descriptions of being acquainted with grief, persecuted, unappreciated; and that should give them empathy for the other remnant workers in this latter-day work.

      Still, God has purposely made this end time scenario one of the most difficult possible.  Its difficulty is matched to most effectively refine his people according to what they can handle, pushing them to the height of their potential, as a good coach does with his team.  The stronger they are, the more difficult he makes it.

      If things unfold as they typically do on a planet set up similar to ours, the calamities come indeed, and they serve the effect of finally teaching people collectively the consequences of the poor choices they made as a civilization, so that they will finally choose a better path.

      The veil and curse and strong delusion are then lifted and replaced with keen enlightenment and an era of lasting and profound peace, equality, and prosperity.

      What can happen, however, is that we can make a choice that we will learn our lesson collectively by precept, rather than by grueling experience.

      Path A: Grueling Experience, calamities, massive catastrophes unparalleled in recorded history, complete upheaval of society and decency, utter anarchy, biological nightmares, nuclear holocausts, natural disasters of huge proportions.  A tiny remnant barely survives, to build a new society from the ashes of destruction.  You get the picture.  You've read the prophecies.  That is what is coming given our current course.

      Path B: We see the writing on the wall, the remnant rallies as never before to awaken the people, the people make a choice to avert the path they are on and undergo a radical transformation of heart as a whole; they elect me as President of the United States, the remnant gathered in my cabinet and other posts in the country help correct the course to one rooted in principles of freedom and individual responsibility.  We enter the new world.

      That is what is prophesied in the Alphabetics code of which I have spoken.  That is an alternative future we could chose as a people.

      It is up to you, the remnant, to commence the awakening, by first realizing (1) it is possible, (2) you are laboring along with the rest of the world under a general veil of grogginess of mind placed by God because of the "strong delusion" he said he would send; (3) you must exert a tremendous focus of will in order to appreciate what I have uncovered in the Alphabetics code phenomenon; (4) my seeming non-inconsequentiality according to the norms of society is not how I am viewed by God.

      Do not write this off as just another Don Quixotic dream by a self-absorbed, self-appointed, wanna-be prophet.

      That is not what this is.

      I don't want to be a marred prophet that can latter say, "I told you so; don't ever do that again."

      The 1000 years of peace that is prophesied to come following the time of upheaval does not have be based on a stark awareness of how stupid our generation was, how blind they were to the good that was being promoted around them by the remnant, how such a clear and provable prophecy as the one I presented regarding the race for the presidency could be completely overlooked by such intelligent people, written off as a thing of naught.

      No, I'm not implying that this is the only act on the stage of God's work on earth at this time -- not in the least.  It is but one portion of his performance of his great and marvelous work in these latter days.

      However, I will make the claim that if enough of the remnant support this campaign, it will accomplish the purpose I have stated here -- we will turn away the destructions that were slated for us as a civilization.

      So please, take some quality time and with focused concentration of mind and heart, please read the report I wrote called "Sterling D. Allan for United States President Foretold in Alphabetics..."  There are a couple of linked follow-up writings I did as well reporting additional finds relevant to that study.  Read those too.

      Pretend like you are a young, eager student in college, and this is your favorite class, and you are set on an endeavor to understand a code that was put there from the beginning of time, commenced by none other than Enoch, who is thought to have been the inventor of letters and learning, and whose name means "initiated;" and that your destiny is to be numbered among a choice one-in-a-million planet remnant, as a fellow initiate, who will accomplish a feat so phenomenal that millions of souls will be watching on from other realms as this drama unfolds.

      In that mindset, the discoveries will not seem ridiculous or hard to comprehend.  Your mind will be opened, and you will see clearly that the code is foreordained, and that its message is clear, and that we do have an opportunity to make such a choice and alter the course of the future.

      That is our destiny.

      Let's do it.


      Sterling D. Allan


      EPILOGUE 1

      Oct. 3-4 (early am prior to going to bed of evening of Oct. 3)

      After writing this, I read it to my wife.  She did not agree that our society could undergo such a change.  Okay, maybe "possible," but not likely.  Not at all.  Not one bit.  Too far gone.

      I responded to her that I too see our society as being very far gone, and that such a change as I propose is highly unlikely -- but that the code predicts that such a change COULD occur.

      A one-in-a-million rare planet can pull off a one-in-a-million rare miracle.  Our thousand year period of ideal peace can come because we learned our lesson PRIOR to going through the full consequences of our poor choices, because we came to a full awareness of the result of our choices BEFORE they come crashing upon us with their great force of persuasion.

      As you read through my report of the code regarding this Presidential election, and perhaps even go further and look up a few things on your own as additional validation; do so with the assumption that what I said is true -- that we really could pull this off.  Rather than trying to prove me wrong, assume I am right, and read with the intent of finding for yourself the validation of that.  Let them feel like your own discovery.

      As a minimum, the level of motivation this plants in your heart will have a positive effect in helping you in your particular remnant ministry, whatever that is.

      Even if there are only a small handful of people who end up supporting this particular campaign, that alone can have the effect of further diminishing the severity of what is coming to us as a people.  That is certainly worth while.

      Whether or not we accomplish a turning away of the calamity clause, we can accomplish a lessening of the severity of the calamities required to teach us a lesson.

      Again, I sincerely believe that a victory in the race for President of the United States is possible; and I want to see that happen, for the sake of mankind.

      It is sure to be an interesting ride, if anything.  More interesting than the usual route of calamities being required, which no doubt most all of us have already experience on another planet in another time -- probably many times for most of us, either directly or by observation as a guiding angel.

      Let' do something different this time.


      Sterling D. Allan


      EPILOGUE 2 -- Plausible Scenario

      Oct. 4, am (after a good night's sleep)

      Here is something that just occurred to me as being highly relevant to this campaign.

      As most of you know, I have been involved for about 1.5 years with a team that is seeking to bring alternative energy into the marketplace -- a home power device that taps an unlimited energy source; and which could be adapted and scaled to other energy and motive applications as well.

      I have been saying for a long time that the timing of the coming forth of this technology, or technology like it by other teams (there are several on the verge as we are) seems to be linked to society's readiness for this.  It will not come unless or until society moves significantly past their tendency to blow each other off the planet.

      When we bring forth this technology, you can imagine that I will no longer be seen as just the ordinary po-dunk hick living in small-town Utah.  We will become the possessors and distributors of one of the primary tools that the current establishment uses to control the world -- energy.  But rather than using it to enslave mankind and making them beholden to us, we will be using it to liberate them -- to enable each household to be independent from the grid; for each car to be independent from the gas station.

      That is no small feat or turning point, and could conceivably bring the attention and respect that could push this campaign into victory.

      But to wait until that comes forward as impetus to support my campaign would be shallow; and I can't help but think that God would expect at least a certain number of remnant to step forward before he even allows the technology to proceed.

      I will say that that based on the best of my knowledge of how far along the technology is that we are working with, it is not inconceivable that we could have product ready for market prior to the November election in 2004 . . . if.

      It's up to us -- the remnant.  That is where God begins his cleansing -- "first upon my house, among those who profess to know my name."

      What will it be?


      Sterling D. Allan


      Studies Mentioned Above
      (Remnant Reading Assignment):


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