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Jetpack is here; Food, Inc. & FE

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    Free Energy News http://FreeEnergyNews.com Sunday, March 14, 2010 a.. Featured: Conspiracy / Health Food, Inc. as a metaphor for the energy cartel -
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      'Free Energy' News

      Sunday, March 14, 2010

      • Featured: Conspiracy / Health

        Food, Inc. as a metaphor for the energy cartel - Oscar-nominated documentary exposes the corruption in America's food industry as it has been taken over by huge corporations who are out of touch with the suffering of the animals and the degradation of the crops and the lives of the farmers and workers. Holds parallel to the energy cartel with its corruption, centralization, and vested interests seated in government. (PESWiki; March 14, 2010 )
      • Flight > Jetpacks

        It's 2010 - finally my jet pack is here! - Finally we can all take flight as Martin Aircraft in New Zealand releases the first commercially-available jet pack that provides 30 minutes of flight time! The Jetpack is constructed from carbon fiber composite, weighs 250 lbs and measures ~5 ft in girth. Driven by a 200 hp (150 kw) engine, it can reach ~8000 ft. (GizMag; March 7, 2010)
      • Conspiracy
        href="http://www.peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Conspiracy#Big_Brother_.2F_Orwell">Big Brother / Orwell >

        China strikes back with report on U.S. human rights record - Page 3 of 10 describes the Orwellian spying by the government on its own citizens following 911 via the NSA and FBI. "The U.S. citizens' freedom to access and distribute information is under strict supervision." Read the full report. (Xinhuanet; March 12, 2010)


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