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Berman Effect is Freon 11; GreenVolt fuel cells; FE Breakthrough; SpiralEnergy; BOC GH2OST; Daiba

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    Free Energy Updates http://FreeEnergy.GreaterThings.com FEATURING FE Products GreenVolt: Building Modular Fuel Cells for Home and Industry - Products now
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2003
      FE Products > GreenVolt: Building Modular Fuel Cells for Home and Industry - Products now for sale.  Function analogous to a long-lasting battery; recyclable.
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      Tuesday, August 26
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      • Telling All > Berman Effect is Due to Freon 11 - Rich Berman throws in the towel and gives away the recipe of the chemical that boils in the presence of a magnetic field.
      Monday, August 25
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      • Breakthrough > One of the FE projects that wishes to remain anonymous has recently produced a second-generation prototype that produces sufficient energy to power the typical home during peak load.  Units will not be for sale for some time yet.
      Sunday, August 24
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      Friday, August 22
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      Thursday, August 21
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      Tuesday, August 19
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      • FE Speculative Musings > How to Build a 'Dirac' Current Positron Generator (PDF)
        "Once you can finesse the low energy generation of positrons from the quantum vacuum..., you then can release large amounts of usable 'free energy' by simply letting the positrons annihilate with electrons under controlled conditions." (Essay by Douglass A. White, Ph.D.)
      Monday, August 18
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      • Gravity Motor Attempt > Bessler and Swivel-Arm-Wheel - Analysis of Bessler-Wheel are shown and some designs are suggested by Alfred Evert.  Limited success achieved.  Related links.
      Sunday, August 17
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      Saturday, August 16
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