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Intuitive sees 'skeletal structure' of Ball Lightning; Benjagat Inc; Microwave Oven & Plasma; Fahrtwind Award

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    Free Energy Updates http://www.greaterthings.com/News/FreeEnergy/newstuff/ also indexed at http://www.greaterthings.com/News/FreeEnergy/Directory/ FEATURING:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2003
      Visual Intuitive Sees 'Skeletal Structure' of Chukanov's Ball Lighting - Daylight vision lasting about 10 seconds reveals inner workings of the 'Ball Lightning' Kiril Chukanov is producing. (July 7, 2003.)
      Monday, July 7
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      • Organization > Benjagat Inc. -- Thermo electric technology for heating and cooling. Licensing opportunities.  'Enterplex' think tank project.
      • Commentary > On Patent Work-Arounds and Karma 1. information is shared freely, 2. someone takes & patents around it, 3. beware of karma.  Rebuttal: 100th monkey phenomenon; simultaneous inventors.
      Sunday, July 6
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      Saturday, July 5
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      • Commentary > 100-600 kW is Industrial Level Power - Includes comment on Kiril Chukanov as well as Dennis Lee.  Urges a downplay of saying "God told me how to do it" until after the technology is proven.
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        Plasma Formation in Microwave Oven - interesting sides study for ball lightning pursuit.
      • Commentary
        href="http://www.greaterthings.com/News/FreeEnergy/commentary/power_simplicity.htm">Power of Simplicity
        - so Free Energy can be accessible to anyone.
      • Kudos
        > Watering Hole
        - "Greater Things is becoming a watering hole for the F.E. community and as such will doubtless become a target of the disinformation masters. Be vigilant and cautious." -- Richard (July 05, 2003)
      • FE Intuitive > For what it's worth, an Intuitive (clairvoyant) friend of mine, who I have found to be very accurate and insightful, gives the Chukanov technology high thumbs up. -- Sterling
      • (1st) Fahrtwind Award > EV Battery Charged 'Continuously?' by Wind Turbine
        Inspires new award for those ideas that are red-line intelligence failure.  Fahrtwind Award: for those Free Energy ideas that peg the stereotype.
      Friday, July 4
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      • FE Intellectual Dispute Resolution > Alan L. Francoeur Says Russian Patent Taken from His Work - Claims power generator: magnet alternator was his invention; gives documentation. Alexander Frolov of Faraday Labs responds.  Similar, yes, but different.  "Have you claimed in your patent how and why the device can accelerate to rotor by influence of back EMF from the coils onto the rotor?"
      Thursday, July 3
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