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drive to survive; gravity motors; thermo-electric; ed gray impulse coil tech give-away; greasel

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  • Sterling D. Allan
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2003
      Mainstream Event > Drive to Survive Itinerary: May 1-15 - Driving from California to Washington D.C. with a Convoy of Electric Cars, hosted by Dennis Weaver.

      Saturday, May 3
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      Friday, May 2
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      Wednesday, April 30
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      • Newsletter > Integrity Research, April 28

        • High Voltage Sparks Fusion says Sandia Labs. Reminiscent of the plasma focus fusion process, reported by Los Alamos Labs, this one is called the "Z machine" at Sandia. 
        • Electrostatic Asymmetric Charge Causes Metal Spheres to Spin. What is being called a fundamental discovery in physics, the application of electric charge has been discovered to cause spin and may explain why electrons themselves spin, which also contributes to magnetism. It opens up an "entirely new field of inquiry with the potential for significant advances."
        • Navy Research Lab Ten-Year Story on Cold Fusion Success - makes the New Scientist magazine with a remarkably accurate account of perseverance that paid off, despite its confusing title. Here is the history of cold fusion told without suppression for perhaps the first time. Dr. Scott Chubb told me that even top management from DOE has visited his lab to inquire about the details.   -TV
        • Faster Than the Speed of Light - book published by cosmologist at Imperial College of London.
        • Future Energy Challenges - is the title of an article from Physics World last year that addresses current issues from a European point of view: i.e., more globally and environmentally conscious than those here in the US. 

      FE Claim > Gravity Motor Sketch - is there a prototype? does it work?

      Monday, April 28
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      • FE Claim > Darren Houle on Bessler's Wheel - Claims the technology is able to extract energy from gravity.  Part I of a several-part series.  Prototype to debut July 4, 2003. (We'll see.)
      • Reflections > JosephNewman.com

        > SECRET OF PHOTO 51
        - commentary regarding a documentary aired nationally by NOVA on April 22, 2003, and parallels that Joseph Newman can identify with in his own experience to convince a skeptical world of a new science.

      • Skeptic > Eric Krieg Comments on Newman Motor - replies to Sterling's account of his friend who built a Newman motor.

      Sunday, April 27
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      • FE Inventor > Joseph Newman Motor/Generator (New Index) - The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Device works, according to some; does not, according to others.

        • Personal Account > Newman Motor - friend successfully built three O/U, but their performance is not that great.

      Saturday, April 26
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      Friday, April 25
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      Thursday, April 24
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      Wednesday, April 23
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      Tuesday, April 22
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      Monday, April 21
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      • Alternate Fuels >
        • Greasel.com - "THE information source for running your diesel engine on free, waste vegetable oil."
        • VeggieVan.org - fueled with used vegetable oil from fast food restaurants.  Features how-to book: From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank: The Complete Guide to Using Vegetable Oil as an Alternative Fuel.
      • GWE Update > H-fuel On Demand for Automobiles - Genesis HICEF™ Technology leapfrogs current fuel cell-based transportation development by enabling the use of hydrogen in internal combustion engines. (04/21/03) (GWE index)
      Sunday, April 20 - May You Have a Wonderful Easter
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      Saturday, April 19
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