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FLASH: ALF Vaporizor Plans Posted; WSMV Airing Feb 20,21; HJ motor project

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    Most Recent Developments/Additions to Site http://www.greaterthings.com/News/FreeEnergy/newstuff/ also indexed at
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      Tuesday, February 18
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      Monday, February 17
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      • Sponsor > Gas Mask Boon -- Investment Opportunity in Feasible Solution - Looking for investment ($14,900) to finance TV advertising campaign for best mask solution by far. Potential 100-fold increase on investment.  $1000 bonus provided for person who finds an investor.
      • Tilley Update > 'Swift Star' Test a Success - Claims the first test of their electric boat went well with 40 knot speeds attained using a 25 pitch prop. Said they will switch to a 15 pitch and expect speeds of 60 - 70 knots.  Claims their first 1 hr. test run was successful with charger working well.
        (Source: friend by email.  Nothing mentioned on Tilley Foundation website.  No update there since Jan. 25.)
        [Editor note: The core technology Tilley is using is decent; hence he is able put on some pretty good shows.  However, it is not "endless" as he claims, and it doesn't belong to him.]
      Sunday, February 16
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      • Pending Plans Give-away > Build Working HJ Magnetic Motor with Off-the-shelf Components - Richard and team are in process of pursuing a means of building the Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor with readily-available items.  They will publish their plans for the public.
      • Calendar > Tilley Exposé > WSMV Channel 4 airing scheduled for Feb. 19,20 [later moved  to 20,21 6:00 pm]
      Saturday, February 15
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      • Plans for Sale > (not OU)
        Pedal-a-Watt Stationary Bike Power Generator - Create electricity pedaling your bicycle! Detailed assembly instructions, pictures and diagrams show how to construct your own Pedal-A-Watt. Includes a list of all component suppliers along with the parts used and all part numbers.
      •  New Plan Give-Away > ALF Vaporizer System - Alan L Francoeur (ALF) of Aetheric Radiant Energy Research Magnetic Energy Systems announces that he will post his material publicly.  New index created at RemnantSaints.com/AlternativeUtilities/ to facilitate this.
        (Newsletter created for updates on progress.)
      • Unconfirmed > I attended the funeral of Doug Jordan today who was telling me back in May about a device he witnessed that uses temperature differential of small degrees to produce substantial power output.  Unit installed on house exterior could power house via differential between inside/outside temp.  The guy moved to Idaho about five years ago, and he's not heard of him since.
      Friday, February 14 (Happy Valentine's Day)
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      • Rumor > Pending Debut > Marcus [Antigravity?] Device - "There is supposed to be a public, by invitation, demonstration on the 15th or 16th of Feb.  There are not at present any websites focusing on the device other than a discussion group." (Ficus)
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