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Prestige & Tesla; OKA e-car; Ozmotech; spider boat

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    Free Energy News http://FreeEnergyNews.com (Go here for links to stories below, if you don t get this by HTML)
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2006
      'Free Energy' News
      (Go here for links to stories below, if you don't get this by HTML)

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      Friday, December 1, 2006
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      • Featured:
        Movies > The Prestige features Nikola Tesla - A must-see film, paints Tesla in a brilliant light, while two rival magicians go at each other.  At the end of the film, one is left to wonder if Tesla is still too far ahead of our time, one hundred years later. (PESWiki; Nov. 30)
      • Electric Vehicles > OKA Auto - Mini-car neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) available for sale in USA is electronically limited to a top speed of 25 miles-per-hour. It has been crash tested in Europe and meets EU regulations for a full speed vehicle. Fuel costs are estimated at $0.50 to $1 a day for a 15 to 30 mile commute. (Thanks John Q. Public)
      • Waste to Energy > Ozmotech - ThermoFuel technology recovers synthetic diesel fuel from waste plastic for less than 30 cents per litre. Already in operation in Japan for power generators, the new process produces a superior quality road fuel suitable for all types of diesel engines. (Thanks John Q. Public)


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