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2204H-Cat: HHO-to-LENR; multi-billion fund; Water Fuel Demo; Rolf Guthmann Gravity Motor; Keshe assassination plot

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  • Sterling Allan
    Mar 14, 2014
       'Free Energy' News
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        This Week in Free Energy; March 13, 2014 - Justin Church's H-Cat: Performance Contest; calorimetry proposals • Multi-Billion Dollar Fund Exploring Exotic FE • Another magnet motor demo from Wasif Kahloon • G&G Power Generation Systems Announces Water Fuel Demo • Rolf Guthmann is Posting Gravity Motor Info • AuroraTek hopes to deliver 100-W unit by mid-April; 250 W by mid-May; Patent matter (FreeEnergyNews)
      • Featured: HHO / LENR > H-Cat

        H-Cat calorimetry proposals - Alan Smith recommends having the entire catalytic converter submerged in water (with air-tight inflow and exit of HHO piping), running the system only long enough for a 20 ºC change in temperature. Jamie Sibley recommends a bag on the exit with high-voltage ignition to remove any unburned HHO, to collect He, if present, as evidence of LENR. (PESN; March 12, 2014)
      • (Urgent) Looking for someone in Korea to help - All we need is someone who either has an HHO generator (produces hydroxy / Brown's gas) with bubbler and power supply (to run the HHO generator), or who could order one from close enough to get one by March 20... (Free Energy Blog; March 12, 2014)
      • Featured: Water > as Fuel

        G&G Power Generation Systems Announces Water Fuel Demo - Texas company claims to have the ability to run a genset on ionized water mist, after bringing the engine up to speed using HHO -- no gasoline used. They will be holding a demonstration for potential investors and partners on March 15 in Houston, to bring in funding to engineer for production. NDA/NCA required. (PESN; March 12, 2014)
      • Featured: Anti-Gravity
        href="http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Gravity_Motors">Gravity Motors >

        Rolf Guthmann is Posting Gravity Motor Info - This Brazilian inventor is in process of disclosing how his gravity motors work. His compilation video shows the motor system rising on a balance when it is turned on, suggesting a counter-gravity effect. (PESWiki; March 11, 2014)
      • Son's Rube Goldberg project - It's not viral material (maybe a 6 on a 10-point entertainment scale), but I had fun compiling the video. (Free Energy Blog; March 11, 2014)


      • Caution: Could H-Cat create NOx conditions? - Ron C write: "Unless the experimenter can absolutely guarantee that not even a single point in the core exceeds 2800°F, they should exhaust outdoors..." (Free Energy Blog; March 10, 2014)
      • H-Cat Performance Contest - In this contest to see who can come up with the best design, the following criteria should be met: (retail price)/(watt input)/(BTU produced) ["$/w/b"] (lowest wins); Safe; Build at least 10 prototype commercial systems. Contest categories will include: Best scientific evaluation; Easiest to replicate; Most sales; Best portable; Most power-dense; Largest; Smallest; ... (Free Energy Blog; March 10, 2014)
      • Featured: Hydroxy / LENR

        Justin Church's H-Cat - In January, Justin launched an open source design he instigated that involves venting hydroxy or HHO gas -- un-ignited -- through a catalytic converter (the kind used in automobiles) -- in ambient conditions -- and generating significant heat in the process, which is probably LENR, given its platinum/palladium in the presence of energetic H (Brown's Gas). (PESWiki; March 9, 2014)
      • Netflix' House of Cards is excellent - It gives a chilling insight into the corruption in politics in D.C. -- how people who look honorable an be anything but. It also depicts how the mainstream press is on its way down. (Free Energy Blog; March 8, 2014)
      • Alternative Media Mogul Chit-Chat about trends - Here are three power interviews I've watched in the last couple of days. The first is with Alex Jones and Ben Swan. The second is with Ben Swan and Luke Rudowski. The third is with Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson. (Free Energy Blog; March 8, 2014)
      • Another magnet motor demo from Wasif Kahloon - they show the components lifted off the ground, except for the fan. However, the fan has an on-off switch, which is "off" when the motor starts.) The 3.5 kW output from the generator is demonstrated by powering four higher-watt bulbs, a fan, a water heater, an iron. (Free Energy Blog; March 7, 2014)

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