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2201last Scarecrow show; Lattice Energy's LENR-to-gold; Melendres' FE Cell Phone Charger

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  • Sterling Allan
    Feb 28, 2014

      'Free Energy' News

      • Featured: News > SmartScarecrow
        href="http://peswiki.com/index.php/This_Week_in_Free_Energyâ„¢">This Week in Free Energy™ >

        This Week in Free Energy™: February 27, 2014: Last Smartscarecrow Episode - Jerry Smith - Modern Benjamin Franklin • Smart Scarecrow show closes • Lattice Energy's LENR Process Could Create Gold and Platinum? • Raul Melendres' Free Energy Cell Phone Charger • SkyCollections' IC-18 Closes the Loop • Les Kraut's Instructions for a Crystal Battery (Generator) (FreeEnergyNews)
      • Michael Tellinger on tour in Europe - March & April 2014 - "This spring tour will take me to FRANCE, HOLLAND, GERMANY, AUSTRIA and SWITZERLAND. I have new information about the electronic measurements in the stone circles and Adam’s Calendar, the pyramids ... - we are very close to devising a new-era Free Energy Device based on this ancient technology. (Free Energy Blog; February 28, 2014)
      • Featured: News > SmartScarecrow
        href="http://peswiki.com/index.php/This_Week_in_Free_Energyâ„¢">This Week in Free Energy™ >

        Smart Scarecrow show closes; opens new media opportunity - After five years of providing a weekly broadcast, Gary Hendershot has decided to take an extended break from his weekly energy interview show, though he will be continuing his Wide Awake News segment. Meanwhile, let's see if we can come up with a reasonable substitute. (PESN; February 27, 2014)
      • Epic Extreme Earth Change Events in 2013 - Along the lines of weather control, this compilation of extreme weather events -- several "worst ever" or "worst in 500-1000 years" events, points to the mantra to the weather controllers: "You're doing an awful job. Stop it! Let mother nature do it's thing, without your help." (Free Energy Blog; February 26, 2014)
      • California Uses Black-Ops Weather Control Technology to Combat Drought - Forbes posted a story: As Water Supply Reaches Record Low, California Combats Drought With Black-Ops Weather Control Technology From Vietnam War. Following up from this, the Alex Jones Show posted this interview they did with the Father of Weaponized Weather, Ben Livingston. (Free Energy Blog; February 26, 2014)
      • Simple Ways to Clean the Air Around You with Dr. Group - Three plants per room, recommended by local nursery, to produce oxygen and remove toxins. • Air filter • Switch cleaning supplies to organic/natural • Remove chemical-based air fresheners. (Free Energy Blog; February 25, 2014)
      • More photos of Gilman from RAR Energia - RAR Energia posted a couple of new photos of their Gilman facility on their website. They're not much ahead of the photos posted a week earlier. But their design is one amazing quest. (Free Energy Blog; February 25, 2014)
      • Les Kraut's Instructions for a Crystal Battery (Generator): Just Add Water - Simply put, you make a small copper container, insert a rod of magnesium and fill the space between the magnesium and copper with a solution of Borax, which forms a crystalline matrix. Connect the magnesium and copper to a simple joule thief circuit, and as long as the crystal solution is hydrated, it produces a small amount of electricity. (Free Energy Blog; February 25, 2014)
      • $666 FE donations; Surreal gate at DIA - Some amazing synchronistic symbolism that has arisen in conjunction with this fundraiser, that hopefully will be our last donation drive for PES. (Free Energy Blog; February 24, 2014)

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