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2176"Powering Up in a Little While"

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  • Sterling Allan
    Aug 9, 2013

      Just got this text from Chuck: (slightly edited)

      "Just pulled the dirt off me. I can't believe I slept so late. Hurting pretty bad today. I probably won't go to sleep again until tomorrow afternoon some time.
      "Going to power up the machine in a little while and let it run for a couple of days while running that new program. Hope I bore the living $#*+ out of [the skeptics]."

      I plan to have a camera to record the beginning portion so those who didn't see that can watch it. Dog1Dog is also going to be recording it.

      I texted Chuck back to give me a heads up when he gets it spinning, and give me 30 minutes to give people a heads up before he starts the demo. He said, "OK".

      By the way, the 11:31-minute segment from last night while they were first setting up Justin.TV, is available for viewing.