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Curleys not the first to accuse NAMBLA (which ACLU is defending)

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      September 13, 2000

      Curleys not the first to accuse NAMBLA


      A parent and police in California also blame the group

      The Curley family does not stand alone when blaming the North
      American Man/Boy Love Association for crimes committed against

      A California mother and California police point their fingers in the
      same direction, connecting various NAMBLA members to numerous sex
      crimes - including links to a Thai sex orphanage and a pedophile
      survival manual.

      "NAMBLA is hiding very carefully under the First Amendment, while at
      the same time offering comfort and support to those men who are
      convicted sex offenders," said California-resident Debbie Mahoney,
      whose boy was repeatedly molested by a man police say is a NAMBLA

      Recently, the Curley family from Cambridge filed a $200 million
      federal lawsuit against NAMBLA, alleging that the group is partly
      responsible for their 10-year-old's abduction and murder in 1997.
      Charles Jaynes, one of the two men convicted in the killing, was a
      member of NAMBLA.

      "Charles Jaynes was just one of those foot soldiers doing what NAMBLA
      told him to do," said Larry Frisoli, the Curleys' attorney. "Our
      position is that Jeffrey Curley is just one of thousands of victims."

      The American Civil Liberties Union has agreed to represent the group,
      which publicly advocates for changes in the age of consent laws. The
      ACLU has said it took the case to protect NAMBLA's First Amendment
      rights and because NAMBLA should not be held responsible for the
      actions of members. NAMBLA members contacted for this story did not
      return calls for comment.

      A self-professed NAMBLA member from Massachusetts, who would only
      identify himself as Socrates, defended the group. Contact between the
      man and the Chronicle was facilitated by an employee at the American
      Friends Service Committee in Cambridge, who verified that Socrates is
      indeed a NAMBLA member.

      Socrates said that Jaynes is not representative of what the group is all

      "He never attended any meetings or met any members," Socrates said.
      "If he had, [Jeffrey Curley's murder] may not have happened."

      Socrates said that if NAMBLA members had met Jaynes and found out he
      was stalking Jeffery Curley, they would have dealt with it and tried
      to prevent it. Much like the organization itself has always said,
      Socrates said that the group does not advocate rape or murder, but
      only believes in consensual man-boy sex.

      "I don't think that any type of coercion or seduction is right,"
      Socrates said. According to him, most NAMBLA members insist that the
      boys are in control, and that simple touching should not be compared
      with murder and mayhem.

      Socrates said that he thinks that boys are capable of consenting to
      these relationships and are not being manipulated. Although NAMBLA
      does not establish a minimum age that is appropriate for man-boy
      love, Socrates said that he thinks that a 6-year-old is too young,
      but that certain things may be appropriate with a 10-year-old. The
      majority of boys involved in man-boy relationships are adolescents,
      according to him.

      Mahoney's son, Brian, was 10 years old when he was first molested by
      his next-door neighbor, Jonathan Tampico. Police said that Tampico
      was a NAMBLA member and was arrested in 1989 and charged with
      numerous crimes related to the sexual conduct with Brian that
      occurred from 1984 to 1986. He pled guilty to lewd and lascivious
      acts against a child under the age of 14, and was sentenced to six
      years in prison.

      "Unfortunately, I moved next door to a pedophile," Mahoney said.
      "Tampico told Brian to keep it a secret."

      According to Mahoney, it wasn't until an imprisoned NAMBLA member
      told police about Tampico and several other alleged pedophiles in the
      area that Brian's story finally came out. Officer David Goodness of
      the Fremont, Calif., police said the informant gave up numerous names
      of people he said were NAMBLA members and actively molesting boys.

      It was this information that started the huge investigation in the
      Bay Area and led to the arrest of Tampico and several others.
      According to Tim Painter, a NAMBLA expert and an inspector for the
      Alameda County District Attorney's office, officers found a copy of a
      pedophile safety manual when they raided Tampico's home. Painter
      headed up the investigation when he was a police officer.

      Painter said that "The Survival Manual: The Man's Guide to Staying
      Safe in Man/Boy Sexual Relationships," was written by NAMBLA member
      David Groat and was in the process of being edited by Tampico.

      The book was not published by NAMBLA, and Painter said that it was
      never completed. Socrates said that he has never heard of the book.

      "Not only has NAMBLA not published it," Socrates said. "We don't even
      know about it."

      According to Socrates, Groat "has lived a perfectly exemplary life
      for many years."

      Groat was a member of the steering committee for NAMBLA, the
      governing body of the organization, according to police.

      "I have written this guide to educate boy-lovers ... on how to handle
      attacks and problems in their lives, and how to escape torture and
      imprisonment," the book states. "Its goal, as big as it seems, is to
      save American boy-lovers from experiencing these destructive attacks,
      and to ensure that man/boy love continues its existence for
      generations to come."

      The book deals with various safety issues for those engaged in sex
      with young boys - including where to have sex and how to stay
      secretive. The book reveals personal sexual experiences with boys in
      detail. The book mostly focuses on how to elude and escape the law,
      and details police and FBI procedures.

      "Never forget that sex lasts only for a little while, but prison may
      last forever," the book states. Another phrase in the book, which was
      crossed out in the editing process, said, "there are no differences
      between us; we are all the same; we are boy-lovers."

      The book also instructs boy-lovers on how to survive prison and how
      to live safely in another country after becoming a fugitive. The book
      suggests not going to countries where there are high amounts of "sex
      tourism," such as in Thailand.

      He said that Groat and a NAMBLA associate, Mark Morgan, were actually
      imprisoned for more than a year in Thailand. They were running an
      orphanage in Bangkok that was basically a front for a child
      pornography and sex operation, Painter said.

      Sgt. Bob Nalett, supervisor of the sexual assault unit for the San
      Jose police, was also involved in several NAMBLA-related cases.
      Nalett said that he investigated NAMBLA member Joe Powers, who is
      listed as a defendant in the Curley lawsuit and pled guilty to having
      sexual conduct with a minor in the past and served time in prison.

      "Mark Morgan ran this orphanage - basically nicknamed 'Club Ped,'"
      Nalett said. "If you went there, he would provide you with a young

      According to Painter, approximately 15 to 20 NAMBLA members and
      associates frequented the Bangkok orphanage. Pedophiles would fly
      into Toronto bringing back child pornography on undeveloped film and
      reassembled videotapes, he said. They unwound the videos, and then
      rolled the tape up backwards, so that when it was played, no footage
      would appear, he said.

      Painter said that Tampico, who was paid well at his job as a nuclear
      physicist working on the missile defense initiative commonly known as
      Star Wars, lived like a pauper because all his money went to fund
      frequent traveling to Bangkok.

      In fact, Tampico was arrested for the sex crimes he committed against
      Brian on a plane that was returning from Thailand - just as soon as
      the plane reached U.S. airspace. After serving two-and-a-half years
      in prison, Tampico was let out on parole in the Fremont area.

      Tampico was then arrested for violating his parole when he attended a
      children's choir competition. During that same time, Goodness was in
      the process of building a case against Tampico involving child

      Goodness said he found 52 containers of child pornography and
      pedophile material - much of it NAMBLA related - in a storage locker
      that Tampico rented under a false name. Tampico was sharing the
      locker with about 15 other people, who Goodness said are either
      NAMBLA members or associates.

      The large stash of pedophile material included more than 50,000
      photos and 500 videos, according to Mahoney. Goodness said that he
      also found original photos of the pictures that appear in the NAMBLA
      Bulletin, the group's publication, as well as the printing templates
      used for the magazine.

      However, Tampico was released from prison on a technicality before
      the child pornography-related charges could be brought up against
      him. He disappeared and remained a fugitive for about six years.

      It wasn't until "America's Most Wanted" aired an episode about
      Tampico that he was captured in July 1998 in College Station, Texas.
      He was convicted of possessing, receiving and distributing child
      pornography on Feb. 14, 2000, and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

      "He didn't even show any remorse," Goodness said.

      The two men responsible for Curley's kidnapping and murder, Jaynes,
      of Brockton, and Salvatore Sicari, of Cambridge, were sentenced to
      life in prison in 1998. Jaynes was convicted of second-degree murder
      and will be eligible for parole after 15 years. Sicari was convicted
      of first-degree murder and will not be eligible for parole.

      Last month, a jury awarded the Curley family $328 million in a
      wrongful death suit against Jaynes and Sicari - although the Curleys
      probably won't receive any money from the two imprisoned convicts who
      have no source of income. Frisoli said that he expects the Curleys to
      be awarded damages in the billion-dollar range in the lawsuit against
      NAMBLA. >>

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