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Custody Corruption Summary/Liz Richards

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    Note: This document was written several years ago. While the historical info is correct, there are some updates, e.g., Debbie Stabenow is now a US Senator,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2004
      Note: This document was written several years ago. While the historical info is correct, there are some updates, e.g., Debbie Stabenow is now a US Senator, Richard Gardner killed himself and Ralph Underwager is also dead.

      Some of the AFCC affiliates that have continued the PAS agenda -- including supervision of mothers and institutionalization of children to silence them about abuse -- in affiliation with CRC, include Richard Warshak, Doug Darnall, and Barbara Steinberg.

      Joan Kelly's affiliates (along with Judith Wallerstein's) have reformulated their group into the Northern CA Task Force on the Alienated Child (in an apparent attempt to conceal the connections with Gardner and the pedophiliac agenda). These people include: Nancy Foster, Nancy Olesen, Margaret Lee, Janet Johnston, Steven Friedlander and (I believe) Matthew Sullivan.

      Recent CRC conferences have also included Pamela Hoch and her husband, who run the "Rachel Foundation" as a PAS deprogramming/"reintegration" center for "threat therapy". While the Hochs have no qualifications whatsoever (by their own admission), they have received grants from the DOJ. They are working with and through "counselors" Randy Rand, who has assisted documented sex offenders. Randy is married to Deirdre Rand, whose PAS writings are cited by virtually every FR and pro-pedophile custody "expert" and group, including Dr. Dick himself :

      Click here: The Spectrum of PAS - Deirdre Conway Rand

      The Rands not only worked directly with Gardner, they are connected to Reena Sommer in Canada.

      I could go on and on, but won't at this point :-) Hopefully you all are starting to "getht he picture:

      Here's Liz's summary:


      Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) methodology was devised by Dr. Richard Gardner working with AFCC judges and father’s rights groups “FRs”, principally Children Rights Council “CRC” (also named - National Council for Children’s Rights “NCCR”) and the National Congress for Fathers and Children “NCFC” for the singular purpose of giving abusive males an advantage in custody litigation by producing false negatives to suppress paternal child abuse evidence.  CRC’s  IRS non-profit (503(c)(3) status determination and other documents name the following individuals as their officials:  Meyer Elkin (also the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts - “AFCC” co-founder), Warren Farrell, Ronald Haskins (Congressional Ways & Means, staff director, 1988-current), Debbie Stabenow (then a Mich. state representative, now a member of Congress), Joan B. Kelly (Northern California  Mediation Center ),  James Levine (Director - Fatherhood Project),  John Money (John Hopkins professor) and other important “players” in the AFCC-lead family advocacy and pedophilia movement.  PAS was devised to obstruct charges of paternal sex abuse by producing a false negative and transferring blame to the complaining mother (Protective Parent) by switching custody of the abused child to the father, blocking most or all contact with the mother and engaging in a comparing of official retaliation against the mother to enforce her silence.

      CRC literature proclaims close association with the AFCC.  People who promote PAS are officials or activists with both AFCC and CRC. These include Elizabeth Hickey of UT and Joan Kelly of CA - Northern California Mediation Center. “PAS/Gardner” methodology is often concealed under mislabeling such as “Healing Hearts” or “dispute resolution”.  Several AFCC judges are closely associated with the CRC including Judge Lawrence Kaplan of Pennsylvania.  Other AFCC judges who are know practitioners of anti-mother/ pro-abusive father PAS are: Dranginis - CT, Cawood - MD, Kass - NM, Rotman MA. 

      Dr. Richard Gardner is the centerpiece of the fathers rights movement and their public policy efforts.  He is the featured speaker at all their events, his publications are sold through their membership network, and has been instrumental in the implementation of CRC’s self-devised federal  “custody” program - The Access/Visitation (A/V) and predecessor Child Access Demonstration Project.  Gardner’s writing are very pro-offender and pro-incest, including such statements that a mother who is angry at the father for incestuous relations with the daughter, should be sobered up and told to use a vibrator to make her more sexually responsive so that the father will not need to seek sex from his daughter.  Despite being frequently discredited, local judges adhere to his theories is custody cases.

      John Money and Warren Farrell are also incest/pedophile advocates.  Money interviewed for the notorious Dutch pedophile publication Paedika, endorsing the legitimacy of sadomachoistic sex, and justifying a death during such a ceremony as free choice. Farrell interviewed for Penthouse on positive incest, saying it can be better for a teen girl to have her first affair with her father.

      The A/V Program, began in 1988, with grants to Iowa CRC Iowa Chapter Director and Fathers for Equal Rights, Dick Woods, through the backing of Sen. Harkin, then Senate Chairman for Appropriations Subcommittee for HHS, and Bonnie Campbell, then IA Attorney General, currently Director of DoJ Office for Violence Against Women.  While the stated objective of the program has been to assist visitation enforcement for non-custodial parents, in practice, the program acts as a kick-back scheme for CRC litigating members and their AFCC affiliated court professionals.  A/V grants are steered to CRC chapter members or their allies. AFCC affiliated judges, attorneys, psychologists and given financial incentive to favor the CRC litigating members who get their civil litigation attorney fees paid from A/V funds.  Gardner, Underwager and other members of the pro-pedophilia psychological movement are used as expert witness for custody and child abuse evaluations.

      Center for Policy Research (CPR), officials, Jessica Pearson (also an original incorporating officer of the AFCC) and Nancy Thoennes, did the evaluations for the (A/V)  and Child Access demo project, developed in associated with Dick Woods, IA - a state chapter director for the CRC.  Wood’s material relies heavily on Gardner’s work and he is known to refer cases to Gardner.   While CPR’s Nancy Thoennes, was the author of the federal granted study which discredited PAS and Gardner, both Thoennes and Pearson have been actively involved in the CRC’s promotion of the A/V programs.  CPR conceals all their pro-CRC, pro-Gardner affiliation when making public statements about custody and child sex abuse.  Policy Studies, Inc. (the for-profit arm of CPR) has also been involved in these programs since inception.   Joan Kelly’s Northern California Mediation Center conducts training courses in PAS, and is a past President of the Academy of Family Mediators (AFM) another AFCC affiliate.  A/V grants are administered primarily by DHHS-Office of Child Support Enforcement.  Current Director of that Office (since 1993) is David Gray Ross, former Prince George MD judge and CRC regular speaker.  Friends of  Judge Ross say he became an early CRC participant as a result of his own divorce/child support problems and may be a CRC member.

      The A/V demo project was turned into a mandatory program in 1996, when Ron Haskins, an original CRC official (mis)used his authority as Ways & Means Subcommittee Staff Director, slipped the program  into the final language of the Welfare Reform Bill without the knowledge of most members - even of his Subcommittee.  Besides the A/V program - Judge Gray’s federal OCSE has created multiple clone programs for assistance of non-custodial parents, usually labeled as assistance for family with domestic violence, or disputing families.  Most of these programs are steered to AFCC ring allies in state social services agencies or state courts.  Other information shows the Clinton Administration issued a directive in 1995 ordering all departments of the government to establish fatherhood programs, which also are misused for protecting bad fathers.  CRC leaders solicit membership with promises to obtain custody before judges who are guaranteed to rule in their favor.  The CRC member cases are referred to AFCC judges, who in turn appoint court professionals who are also members of the extended ring.   Lawyers are frequently members of The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) while evaluators, counselors, mediators and supervisors belong to other affiliated groups such as Academy of Family Mediators (AFM) or Supervised Visitation Network.

      During the 105th Congress (1999-2000) the AFCC/CRC attempted to push through Congress a bill dubbed “Fathers Count Act 2000” which will greatly expand the funding and scope of their scheme.  While the intent is described as pro-marriage and fatherhood responsibility, it will further fund groups and activities associated with PAS and Richard Gardner.  Leading FR's publicists Wade Horn has been using the PAS rationales to promote interest is more favorable government policies for fathers.  V.P Gore is closely associated with Horn’s organization - National Fatherhood Institute and has come under public attack from the National Organization of Women for being associated with these fathers rights groups and promotion their legislation.

      The following are the lead groups in this ring.  These groups have sub-groups with similar or different names.

      Association of Family and Conciliation Courts,
      329 W. Wilson St., Madison, WI, 53703
      Phone # 608/251-4001           fax 608/251-2231      e-mail   afcc@...   
      web sites:    www.afccnet.org     www.psychology.info.com/NJ-AFCC/feb_1999.html

      Center for Policy Research, Jessica Pearson   Primary consultant to the federal government on Family Policy and programs.  Develops PAS styled court programs but cover this up when doing evaluations and studies

      American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers,  lawyers who represent the bad-dads
      National Headquarters,  150 N. Michigan Ave. #2040  Chicago ILL 60602, Ph. 312/263-6477  fax 312/263-7682; web site   www.aamlsocal.com (Southern Calif chapter   or:    http://www.aaml.org/stepping.htm
      Or: International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers   web site:   www.iaml-usa.com/usa/members

      Academy of Family Mediators, get court-appointments from AFCC judges and sides with bad dads.
      5 Militia Drive, Lexington,  MA  02173; ph#-  718/674-2663; fax 781/674-2690
      web site:  www.mediators.org           e-mail:  afmoffice@...

      The Northern California Mediation Center, Joan B. Kelly, teaches PAS to court professionals
      100 Tamal Plaza, Suite 175, Corte Madera, CA 94925
      Ph 415/927-1422 or 800/777-9670     fax: 415/927-1477  web site:   www.ncmc-mediate.org

      Children’s Rights Council,   David Levy, umbrella group for most fathers rights organization
      220 Eye Street , N.E.  Ste 140, Washington, DC  20002-4362
      Ph 202/546-8227  Fax  202/546-4272  web site:   www.vix.com/crc/  e-mail: crcdc@...

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