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  • peaceful.heartmindsoul
    Oct 14, 2011
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      Hello Group,
      I am the maternal grandmother of a wonderful six-year old. My daughter divorced her ex due to domestic violence. The last three years have been a nightmare. My daughter was threatened by her ex and intimidated into agreeing to joint custody. He is verbally abusive, manipulative, drama filled, neurotic and a control freak. He has emotional/mental problems and is very unstable. He is either incapable or unwilling to make good decisions regarding the situations and people he puts my grand in the midst of. There have been two past CPS investigations and one current one. He is almost thirty and last year married a 18 year old who comes from a troubled family with domestic violence issues as well. The step mom just had a baby and a family member within her family made the report that initiated this current investigation. My daughter and I have hired a lawyer, tried for months to get a GAL or CASA involved. My daughter's lawyer filed a motion to modify over a year ago and the current visitation schedule puts my grand at risk.For example, because the current schedule has my grand w/her Dad and the step mom several weekdays each month she missed almost thirty hours of school last year, her Kindergarten year because the step Mom slept until ten or eleven every morning and left her awake alone. She'd get her to school late almost every day she was with them. My ex son in law did nothing about it. Step mom has huge anger management problems. We've put my grand in counseling over a year ago. She has a new wonderful counselor that has been trying to get the Dad and step mom to meet with her and he blows her off. The pediatrician has tried to reach him due to concerns and the school. We were in disbelief and shock when the first two CPS investigations were dropped. I am needing advice on how to get a GAL or CASA. Right now the lawyer proposed day time visits only and on the weekend. This visitation schedule needs to be changed ASAP! How do we ask the court for a emergency visitation schedule/custody change? We feel like we've been dragged through a war zone. The ex SIL, his new wife, his mother and new inlaws are all emotionally unstable. Any suggestions?