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22154Reporting seeking people with experiences with NCMEC

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  • lizgoal@aol.com
    Oct 14, 2011

      A few weeks ago a reporter for very professional and highly respected fraud expose publication contacted me to get information from our group about any direct experiences they had with NCMEC  (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)  which is the organization which profiles picture of kids supposed missing or abducted.

      Most of us know NCMEC as a place which puts protective mothers on their web site as abductor who have not abducted them at all but were wrongly labeled as "abductor" because they took them to a doctor and didn't turn them over for visitation because of abuse  problems.

      Please contact me directly if you or someone you know has had a bad NCMEC experience.  This reporter has already talked to about 3 women in our group and would like to talk to more.

      Liz Richards