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    Oct 5 6:17 AM
      I'm new here and am a little confused. I read some of the recent posts and they seem to be about health topics. I'm looking for a forum that can be supportive and give me some suggestions as to how to handle a situation with my grandchild.

      My ex son-in-law is almost thirty years old and a year ago married an 18 year old. My daughter made the mistake of agreeing to joint custody when they divorced three years ago. Not in a million years would we guess he would have put a teenager in the picture as my grandchilds step mother. This teen has huge mental health issues and so does her family. My ex SIL doesn't advocate for my grand and life for my grand is dictated by this very disturbed teen step mother. My daughter has a lawyer but he isn't exactly breaking speed records about getting things done. One motion to modify has been done and now he says he's going to file another one based on the current situations. Last year my grand returned from a visit with her dad and step mom with bruises in the shape of a small hand print. We suspected the step mom. We brought her immediately to the pediatrician and an investigation took place. My daughter placed a PFA on both of them on behalf of her daughter.

      Long story short because my grand coincidentally fell down some stairs around the same time frame the PFA was dropped. Bruises continued on a weekly basis. We put my grand in counseling and my ex SIL and the teen mom literally threatened her saying "if you tell the counselor anything about us we'll spank you" The step mom even added that she'd make sure it hurt. We've switched counselors because the one we had was not willing to speak to the courts if necessary. This new counselor will. I've had to navigate around drama some of which has been absolutely over the top. Most recently the step mom created a fake facebook profile to harass us with. Like I said, she's very disturbed. Quite recently Ex SIL and teen step mom got evicted and they moved in with her parents. There are 9 ppl living in a small home (approx 900 sq. feet) and my grand is sleeping in the same room as her Dad, step mother and newborn baby brother.

      Child protective services here are a joke. They are no help at all. I wondered if any of you had any suggestions?