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  • ME
    Aug 15, 2011
      hi-- does anyone on here know if there is a way- or how do you file a "stay"? so that things will not go any further till there is more investigation?-- like-- I am forced to pay $1498. in child support a month-- and it is wrong-- they did not deduct money after the #2 daughter was emancipated-- so almost 2 years of at least 1/3 of that figure being removed--! I am so scared-- since I am about to be arrested for non payment-- but why can't they just do it anyway-- I just need more time really to get it done-- and want the child support to take a break-- AND REALLY NEED AN INVESTIGATION__ SINCE MY EX_ USED TO WORK FOR THE PROSECUTOR_ AND THE CHILD SUPPORT OFC IN THE COUNTY THAT WE GOT OUR DIVORCE IN.

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