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  • nevergiveup81073
    Jun 24, 2011
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      I am at the very end of the divorce and custody battle. Trial was a month ago. There is an infant and two small kids involved. The baby is 1 now. I lost her at 11 weeks old. She came to me with 6 bruises a black eye and a diaper rash so bad it was bleeding into her diaper when she was only a few months old. My 5 year old son is cutting up animals - 70 lb dogs - due to the sexual abuse. The County is covering up the abuse and I am losing custody.
      I figured out three weeks ago - finally - that something is really not right and I needed to start using my head. I was told of the AFCC - CRC - Access Visitation Funds and all that creepy stuff. I get it now.
      I have supervised visitation - rarely. I saw my three young kids for the first time in 3 weeks today for two short hours.

      I started calling CPS out on what they were doing. They stopped dealing with me when they figured out I will no longer buy their crud and react to them. I now have an ENE - parenting coach - I figured out tonight on Google he won an award at a MN Fathers Rights group... and he is a cronie of the corrupt court system here. He was trying to get me to trust him - I simply could not. Thank goodness I didnt... he showed up as one of them.

      We are positive the Judge is involved as well-obviously. He is supposed to be making his decision on custody and finances in the next few weeks.

      What do I do? How can I get the kids back? Any quick ways? Or is it a year after year after year battle from here? Does anyone ever get their kids back? How?
      Is there a manual somewhere?

      The people involved in this are getting a tid nervous. Another mother and I have gotten together up here. The parenting coach saw us together today. He did not like that. He actually asked me to have her leave during the visit. I said no, this is my house and she stays. I think I saw a bead of sweat go down his face.

      Problem is: I know my ex. He has a 3 million dollar life insurance policy out on me. He is the beneficiary. He will kill me if I do get the kids.

      What do I do? The kids are suffering so. The baby - I cannot even imagine.

      Please assist.