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22051Incompetent CPS, Violation of Victims and Mother's Civil Rights, and Gender Bias

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  • Margie
    Jun 21, 2011
      This is my story.
      My ex-spouse was an abuser toward myself and my children. In 2006, my daughter told CPS that she witness her father threaten me with a gun. I was unaware she witnessed this. CPS did not ask me about this incident.They did nothing about the situation. They did on my (then spouse's word alone) blame me for neglect. My (then spouse) had cheated on me for a whole year before without me knowing it. The child was included in the cover-up and he inacted Parent Alienation with my child. The abuser, then, file for divorce siting that I was the abuser. With the help of a firend who was Sheriff of our county I was remove from my home without probable cause. From that point he kept a protective order against me till 2009. Legal Aide did not even help me even though I applied to them. His lawyer knew my legal aide lawyer and that was that!! No lawyer stepped forth in court for me. As far as JDR court, there is a female judge named Isabel Atlee who is extremely gender bias against women. Other mothers have lost custody of their children to the fathers without probable cause.
      My child is without her biological mother and lives in confusion, and fear to this day. She is and will remain Damaged due to this Miscarriage of Justice because of public entites and courts who are dysfuction and over-due for legal reform.

      I am quite willing to put my name and efforts toward changing the laws and make judges, cps, and other public officials accountabile for their acts.

      Anyone who can spread the word in all 50 states and want to join the Fight to regain Mother's Rights let me know.


      Margie Olson
      Gloucester, Virginia