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22030prayers and best wishes please

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    Feb 9, 2011
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      Hello!  I am going to court tomorrow at 1:00 -- I thought that it wasn't until Friday! I need all of the prayers that I can-- I am scared but really ready to make a stand-- I have a new attorney-- who actually told me tonight that I should become an attorney how funny and great that he feels this way-- He goes you know so much about this stuff-- yes I was forced to!--
      Anyway--  please think about me-- also-- having trouble-- cannot find court watchers-- not sure if there is even anyone available for tomorrow or not! you can contact me-- please-- not sure how much longer on here-- you can call also-- I am very tired I have not really had much sleep the last few nights!
      FYI-- there is a new judge!!!
      thanks Michelle

      S.A.V.E.D.NOW =  Stand-up Against Violence Especially Domestic 816 968-9287 

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