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22025Re: [FAMILYCOURTREFORM] Failure to Protect:: The Crisis in America's Family Courts

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  • Rebecca Fein
    Jan 13, 2011
      Hi Anna,
      I am sending this to the group as well in case someone else feels the same way you do. I am still advocating unsuccessfully and to my own detriment. However, I wanted to address a point you made. You were asking for suggestions on the grief and loss end regarding the children etc. In my practice I work with people that are connected to any type of relationship transition including bereavement, divorce, etc. I have just two seconds ago finished updating the services on my page to outline a 5 step process that one can go through on this. It's brief because I didn't want to write a book and the website is more about marketing than anything else, however I'd be happy to give you or anyone some suggestions. http://feinlife.webs.com/ratesservices.htm this is the website to see directly the various 5 steps I suggest to people. Feel free to drop me a line after you review it, if you choose to do so.

      I also agree about the spammers being kept out.

      Rebecca A. Fein

      On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 9:44 PM, annavalentin@... <annavalentin@...> wrote:

      Perhaps the title of this article sums it up the best. How many of us have experienced the injustice, born witness to the impact it has had on our children, advocated successfully and unsuccessfully, crying out for justice in the Family Court System only to realize the brokenness of the system in the end. I would like to hear more stories from those who have been successful in fighting the system.

      I would love to hear some suggestions for grandparents and other family members who are also grieving the loss of these children as well ... who both witness and bear their pain ... who have felt the heavy shroud of hopelessness resting upon their shoulders.

      I would like to hear a bit about advocacy programs that have been successfulin offering support for mothers who have lost custody or who are still in the fight of a lifetime to save their children and their own sanity.

      I too agree ... if there is a way to block the spammers and the crazies from this list, it would be much appreciated. These posts are discouraging. Perhaps we can be more proactive about that issue in the future.


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