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  • Christina Dy
    Hey guys! I have a show opening on Sept 23, Wed 6-9 pm at SLab. Hope to see you there ... 2320 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City, Philippines Gallery hours:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2009

      Hey guys!
      I have a show opening on Sept 23, Wed 6-9 pm at SLab. Hope to see you there :)

      2320 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City, Philippines

      Gallery hours:
      M-F 10-7 pm, Sat 1-6 pm

      Contact us:
      (632) 8160044

      15 September 2009

      OPENING RECEPTION: TEARS, CUTS & RUPTURES: A PHILIPPINE COLLAGE REVIEW by Roberto Chabet, Jed Escueta, Dina Gadia, Kaloy Olavides, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Kreskin Sugay, Gerardo Tan, Nilo Ilarde, Wire Tuazon, Poklong Anading and MM Yu, SLab, SEPT 16, WED, 6-

      Tears, Cuts & Ruptures: A Philippine Collage Review
      By Cocoy Lumbao

      Tears, Cuts & Ruptures: A Philippine Collage Review brings to light the development of contemporary collage in the Philippines as it gathers eleven artists, Roberto Chabet, Jed Escueta, Dina Gadia, Kaloy Olavides, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Kreskin Sugay, Gerardo Tan, Nilo Ilarde, Wire Tuazon, Poklong Anading and MM Yu, showing diverse works that demonstrate the many forms modern collage has gone through since Roberto Chabet's early exhibitions during the mid-seventies. Rooted from this lineage of Formal, Conceptual, Dadaist and Pop sensibilities, the eleven artists reveal its transmutations into forms brought upon by present-day art practices, bestowing their works with images gathered from popular culture, comic books, media and photography. As a technique invariably taking the backseat from painting and the rest of the molded, collage in this exhibition undergoes close watch in an attempt to realize a modest history of its own. It seeks to unfold a growing relevance to current art practices and to secure a significant frame within it can place all its pieces to determine where it stands among the rest of contemporary art in the Philippines.

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      Image: Roberto Chabet, The Boat Pit, 1987
      OPENING RECEPTION: ROOTS by Christina Dy, 20Square, SEPT 23, WED, 6-9PM

      Christina Dy will be showing Roots, new commissioned portraits of her signature charcoal hair series, at SLab’s 20Square Gallery from Wednesday, 23 September to Saturday, 17 October, 2009 from 6-9PM.

      CD started hair drawings four years ago as abstracted portraits. Drawn in a subtractive process, CD shades the entire field in charcoal black and simultaneously draws with an eraser and fills in details with graphite. The tangible and tactile becoming more so evident as the highlights are erased in. She starts with photographing her sister’s hair, then scaling up the images and abstracting them completely. They are anonymous, but present very intimate clues as to the identity of the subjects. How the curls fall or the waves turn, the angles of a widow’s peak, or the twists of a crown puyo— these are individual and unique landscape markers of our crowns. Hair is our expression of identity, a carrier of our DNA, an organic marker of every person’s individuality.  One of the commissioned pieces is her self-portrait. The artist offers new possibilities of portraiture.

      This 2009, Christina Dy received the CCP 13 Artist Award and shortlisted for the second time as a finalist for the Ateneo Art Awards.

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      Image: Christina Dy, Jonathan 1, 2009
      GALLERY EVENT: HAIL PRIMITIVE ROCK AND ROLL! (A Collage of the dumb, easy, noisy (anti?) music that killed King Beethoven) featuring The Sleepyheads!, SLab, SEPT 23, WED, 6-9PM

      On September 23, 2009 from 6-9pm at SLab, there will be a musical event called HAIL PRIMITIVE ROCK AND ROLL!
      (A Collage of the dumb, easy, noisy (anti?) music that killed King Beethoven) featuring The Sleepyheads will open simultaneously with Roots by Christina Dy in conjunction with the Tears, Cuts and Rupture: A Philippine Collage Review show. Snippets of recognizable chords, riffs, shouts, thumps and guitar noises that ended the reign of serious music(Beethoven) and ushered the era of anybody-can-do-it Rock and Roll music!

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      Image: Gerardo Tan, Pope Leo's Epiphany, 2009

      Frankie Callaghan

      September 9 - October 3

      Silverlens proudly presents Dwelling, a series of images by Frankie Callaghan. As in his process and concept, Callaghan captures the ambient aura and light of the city. He takes to the backstreets and saturates dwelling places, monuments of cement and metal, in washes of light and color from their immediate surroundings.

      He seizes rare glimpses of stillness, steeped in an acute awareness of the present. "I found myself drawn to the quiet, empty spaces of urban fringes at night and to the unintentional beauty of dwellings that seem to have grown organically out of the sincere need for shelter and the limits of material and space." says Callaghan. His forthright perception eliminates the noise of judgment and elucidating the scenery with evidence of stories and leaves viewer to speculate. And as a product of his candid process and perception, he reveals the indwelling life and beauty that are most often overlooked.

      Image: Frankie Callaghan, 449, 2009

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      Stanley Ruiz

      September 3 - September 21

      SLab proudly presents Archetypes, a collection of design pieces by Stanley Ruiz, an industrial designer and media artist currently based in Brooklyn, New York.  Ruiz recreates modern everyday objects---a clock, a bowl, a set of crayons---from raw organic materials fused with machine wrought processes and elements. He celebrates both the hand-crafted uniqueness of art and design together with the homologous industrial and mechanical sterility.

      Early during his career, Ruiz practiced industrial design for Jonathan Adler and has taken part in a number of design and art shows in New York, Frankfurt, Paris, Estonia Helsinki and Hong Kong. In his show at 20Square, Ruiz attempts to reinterpret familiar objects, and explore the meaning and application of these objects within our contemporary spheres. He returns to what is basic, using folk culture symbols as visual guides, organic elements (twigs and bark) as core materials and hand assembly and evolves the process to produce modern forms with new and relevant functions. His work is a study, almost a historical approach to design, as he explores, experiments and fuses craft with industry.

      Image: Stanley Ruiz, The New Organic (bowl), 2008

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      Jake Verzosa
      Photoquai 2009

      musee du quai Branly, France
      September 22 - November 22

      Jake Verzosa will be part of Photoquai 2009, the Biennial exhibition of world images, takes place from September 22 - November 22, 2009 on the quai Branly, opposite the museum and in partnership with several cultural institutions.

      Created in 2007 by the musee du quai Branly and dedicated to non western photography. Its first edition was praised for its quality, originality, ambition and relevance, and Photoquai continues, in 2009, to pursue its fundamental mission: to highlight and make known, artists whose work is previously unexhibited or little known in Europe, to foster exchanges and the exchanging of views on the world.

      The artistic direction of the second Photoquai biennial has been entrusted to Anahita Ghabaian Etehadieh, an Iranian gallerist and founder of the Silk Road Gallery, a unique place in her country, specifically dedicated to photography.

      For this second edition, Photoquai shows the work of 50 contemporary photographers from around the world, unknown or little known photographic talents in European terms, who come from the major geographical areas represented in the collections of the musée du quai Branly: South America and Latin America, North America, Asia, Oceania, Africa and the Near and Middle East.

      The 2009 edition is attached to ensuring continuity between the exhibitions on the riverbanks at the musée du quai Branly (entry free of charge), and the temporary exhibitions present inside the musee du quai Branly and at the Pavillon des Sessions – its annexe at the Louvre - , as well as in partner establishments.

      Image: Jake Verzosa, Hmong Sapa, Viet Nam, 2006

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