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31Re: [FA175-3introductiontodrawing09-10] Exhibit if tuloy

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  • Finness Calacal
    Oct 1, 2009
      Thanks, guys. Oh you might want to consider using nylon strings instead of the yarn, but mangyayari floating yung works. haha. But I think hindi siya mukhang too crude kung yarn. But that's just me, black yarn might work too. :3 

      We might end up buying the stuff for the title cards. Please leave space for the 2x4 cards in the illustration board if that's where we'll end up sticking them. oh and standee thing for the guestbook! Or kahit table lang. Kulit ko, sorreh. 

      On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 5:26 AM, Kenneth Umali <jkukenneth@...> wrote:

      1. First of all, here's to hoping everyone and their families from class is all right.

      2. Kung tuloy nga ang exhibit, I just want to share with the class a problem we have been experiencing with with the venue (but there may not be such a problem, I'm really not sure). Two weeks ago, the Logistics committee already reserved the Exhibit Hall from Oct 3-9. We asked for Xander's signature (Xander is the Fine Arts secretary) for approval, then he took the reservation form from us and said he would just let us know. The following week, we kept bugging him about the place but he said he couldn't really give us a formal "OK" of the place yet,  but he said it's more or less a GO.

      Xander is pretty scary, so we don't really bug him too much. All we could do is just wait for a response from him, since he took into his own hands the reservation of the venue. Obviously, we didn't bug him for the last few days, but we will still tactfully keep asking him on YM or by text, and will keep the group posted until next week, that which is supposedly our exhibit week already. We really hope that by Monday, the venue is already formally reserved for us.

      3. The set-up we envision is only possible if we get the Fine Arts Exhibit Hall. Our exhibit is supposedly practical and affordable, and hopefully we could set up by Monday.

      Please bear with my verbal description, as we were not able to scan the exhibit layout before giving it to Xander.

      There will be four rows for our works, two of which are back-to-back. There will be two pairs of rows that would face each other, and the space between them will be the path for our audience. We'll be hanging yarn from the bars in the hall's ceiling and tape them to the floor. We'll tape illustration boards in between yarns to act as the frame for the projects. These would be the works in the middle of the room. The 2 window sides would also serve as spots for our works. I sort of forgot the exact number, but I think the back to back rows in the middle have 12 slots, 6 each side, and the two wall sides have 7 slots each. Unahan na lang siguro sa pwesto.

      Regarding DIMENSIONS of the works. Since we are standardizing things, we assume that everyone would use the paper that Ms. Dy suggested. Also, if you are to get a back-to-back slot for your work, and your work would be horizontal or vertical, coordinate with someone who has a similar orientation to back-to-back with (if that is how you say it?). The yarn is easy to adjust anyway.

      4. I'm not really the committee head, but I'll talk to Dodo if Logistics would buy everything and just tell the class how much. I think this is most probably what would happen anyway. Unless you want to buy your own frames? Just let us know through Y!Groups.

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