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About time for a Lion Party in BC

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  • Christina and Martin
    Costumers come on out!! I have submitted this info the Narnia web in order to request a listing for a local Lion Party. Below is the info I submitted to them.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2005
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      Costumers come on out!!

      I have submitted this info the Narnia web in order to request a
      listing for a local Lion Party. Below is the info I submitted to
      them. When (and if) they approve they will list it and I would love
      for those interested to add themselves to the database under our
      location. For those of you who are thinking about other Vancouver
      locations (North Van, Surrey, Whereve) please go ahead and step up to
      the plate and get yourself listed. You never know who will find us
      this way.
      I'll keep you up to date on this.
      Their lion party webpage is:

      Info: Paramount Vancouver
      Time Undecided.

      Party info:
      We have not been able to decide if going midnight (ish) on the
      Thursday is wise as many people have work the next day so we are
      planning on the evening of the 9th itself. BUT!!! We may do both
      nights IF the theatre decides they would like to do something special
      opening night. You never know. SO.. The idea of this line party is to
      not only have a group of people together who want to meet each other
      and keep each other company during the long wait BUT to show off our
      costumes. So... The moment the advance tickets become available we
      will not only guarantee to purchase for the Friday night BUT we'll
      post here which show. Knowing The Paramount there will be more than
      one theatre playing it so even though we may not get into the same
      theatre we could get around the same time and hang out.... Maybe go
      for a late dinner afterwords at Denny's or coffee at Starbucks and
      just yap about the film.
      If you do not have a costume I have made it easier for people to look
      like they are one with this world. I've been looking at images from
      the movie like this one:
      in order to create a Lion for my friend for his costume. Once I
      figured out how I wanted it to look (It's not the official - it is
      freehand after all) I decided to make it available to others for their
      outfits or T-Shirts, etc. So that anyone could have something to wear
      for the opening.
      So here it is:
      For two on one sheet go to:
      They are approx. 8 inches high For one on one sheet go to:
      It is approx. 10 inches high.

      Save to your drive. Purchase iron down printing paper from your
      local Staples, Office Depot or other office supply store.
      And print then iron it down.
      Notes: Do not forget to reverse the image before printing so it irons
      down the right way. If you are planning on ironing it onto something
      dark (like a black
      t-shirt) make sure you buy the black shirt iron down paper or it won't
      show up.
      If you choose to iron it to white cotton then cut it out and attach it
      to another colour then do not use a heat based glue (example:
      heat-n-bond) as it will melt the lion and stick printer ink to your iron.

      Hope to see many of you there.
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