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Upcoming Costume Walkabouts this summer in San Diego

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  • Mari
    New Costume Walkabouts for the 2013 Summer Season! Below are my current walkabouts scheduled for June-August. Come walk with us at some of the best San Diego
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      New Costume Walkabouts for the 2013 Summer Season! Below are my current
      walkabouts scheduled for June-August.

      Come walk with us at some of the best San Diego locations/events . . .
      and best of all . . . IT'S FREE to Costume Walkabout attendees!!!!

      All Costume Walkabouts are family-friendly, open to all ages, all
      timezones and all time periods! Walkers are from many San Diego Costume
      and Fandom groups as well as those wonderful folks who "love to get
      all dressed up and have somewhere to go . . . with FRIENDS."

      All Costume Walkabouts require RSVPs!! Giving your attendance on
      Facebook or any other communication DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOUR ADMITTANCE
      TO A COSTUME WALKABOUT EVENT. For several walkabouts, there is a
      limited number of tickets/admittance . . . that is why RSVPs are

      To RSVP to any of my Costume Walkabouts . . . send an email to:
      RSVP@... <mailto:RSVP@...> and
      include in the subject line: RSVP for upcoming walkabout. In the
      email, please include your name (real name and character name [if you
      have one], as well as the name(s) of any other walkers in your group,
      then include the walkabout or walkabouts you are would like to RSVP for.
      I will send you confirmation of your RSVP and VOILA!!!

      VERY IMPORTANT!!! Lady Mari's Costume Walkabouts require that ALL
      costume walkers attend in the "theme" of the walkabout or
      costumed as your character. No admittance will be given (and you could
      be turned away) if you are NOT in some style of costumed attire.

      JUNE, 2013

      Saturday, June 22, 2013

      LA JOLLA ARTS FESTIVAL at Warren Field at UCSD

      This is the first Costume Walkabout at this event. It will be a
      "delightful experience" of having you wonderful walkers
      strolling about and mingling about and (hopefully) some walkers dressed
      as famous paintings/characters or historical "artists".

      JULY, 2013

      Saturday, July 13, 2013 – 8pm at the Embarcadero
      Yes, this is the Saturday before ComiCon! But who could pass up an
      evening of Bee Gees music at the Summer Pops event at the Embarcadero?
      Especially when the costume theme is EVERTHING DISCO! Enjoy an evening
      under the stars in your favorite 70s attire, character or musical
      personality . . . how about disco Steampunk, disco Victoriana, disco
      vampires or zombies!

      AUGUST, 2013

      Saturday, August 10, 2013 - 10am-4pm at Trolley Barn Park in North Park
      (San Diego)
      The main event will be at Trolley Barn Park on Adam's Avenue. The
      walkabout theme will be costume attire starting about 1887 (the founding
      of University Heights) to 1935 (the year of the historic streetcar that
      will be on display and these were the years that the trolley was
      running, with the terminus at the Trolley Barn Park).

      Another feature that would work well in the costumes for this event
      would be ostrich feathers. The main lure to the neighborhood in this
      period was there was a large Ostrich farm at the north end of Park
      Avenue that supplied feathers for ladies' hats, theatrical costumes
      (Ziegfeld, the Lido, Follies Bergere) and other venues throughout the
      civilized world.

      Sunday, August 18, 2013 – 8pm at the Embarcadero
      The Symphony will play the music of all your favorite PIXAR animated
      features! Come dressed in your most enjoyable PIXAR character!

      Saturday, August 31, 2013 – 8pm at the Embarcadero
      This Costume Walkabout will bring the San Diego Symphony Summer Pops
      season to a close with spectacular fireworks. The Costume Walkabout
      theme is MILITRIA costuming from 1812 through 1920! Come walk with us
      and show your support of our troops past and present with
      costumes/attire depicting militaria through the ages (historical,
      period-themed, fantasy and yes, steampunk) with this musical tribute!




      Interested in a Costume Walkabout for your next event?

      Costume Walkabouts provide delightful and interactive atmosphere and
      ambiance. For more information: www.costumewalkabout.com

      Become a member of the Costume Walkabout Yahoo Page:


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