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Thanks for a successful Viennese Masked Ball Costume Walkabout

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  • Mari
    Please forgive any duplication . . . I am sending this notice to several groups and organizations. THE SALUTE TO VIENNA – NEW YEAR S DAY MASKED BALL COSTUME
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2013
      Please forgive any duplication . . . I am sending this notice to several
      groups and organizations.

      WALKABOUT WAS SENSATIONAL!!! I am sure that everyone has seen the
      marvelous photo ops that were taken at the event. What a great way to
      start the 2013 Costume Walkabout Season!!!

      Yes, 2012 was the year of the Costume Walkabout season! Please check
      the Costume Walkabout <http://www.costumewalkabout.com/> website for
      the upcoming events and RSVP deadlines. It is highly suggested that you
      join the Costume Walkabout Yahoo Group to keep up with news, events,
      updates and all around chit-chat between the walkers about what
      they're wearing, who is wearing what and go ahead and wear it!

      The Costume Walkabout is expanding! www.costumewalkabout.com

      With email address: info@...

      Always send your RSVPs for an event to: RSVP@...
      <mailto:RSVP@...> and include the name of the event
      you are RSVP'ing to attend. At all of my costume walkabouts, the
      RSVPs require a contact individual's name and email and name of your
      guest(s). (Sometime later this year, I will be using an online service
      to collect RSVP information.)

      And don't forget our yahoogroup:

      Next – There are wonderful photos that have been posted about this
      walkabout!!!!!! I want to thank Jerry Abuan for being the "official
      photographer" for all my Costume Walkabouts. His website is stuffed
      with absolutely wonderful photos http://jerryabuan. zenfolio. com
      <http://jerryabuan.zenfolio.com/> of previous walkabouts and other
      events throughout San Diego and southern California. In addition, I
      wish to thank Debbie Boyd and several other walkers that contributed
      their photo memories of this event! (These photo links are on the
      Costume Walkabout Yahoo group.)

      The San Diego Symphony Marketing and Promotions Department was bubbling
      over to bursting when they announced, that due to their social
      promotions of the Symphony series which includes information and details
      about the Costume Walkabout – they have successfully sold out on
      several of their concerts. They accredit this with the spectacular
      costumes and wonderful atmosphere and ambiance that the walkers provide
      and the interaction they genuinely enjoy with the Symphony concert
      attendees! I want again to add my personal thanks, that without such
      wonderfully artistic and fun-to-walk-with walkers . . . my Costume
      Walkabout would not be the "Class Act" that it is now known for.

      Don't put your costumes and dress-up attire away just yet, we still
      have the remainder of the San Diego Symphony 2012-2013 Series to walk as
      well as the upcoming Del Mar Costume Walkabout
      <http://www.calendarshows.com/> (Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves) and, I am
      told, we WILL have costume walkabouts at the Symphony's Summer Pops
      events at the Embarcadero. But more wonderful venues to walk are
      definitely in our future, so if you hear/know of any venues, events,
      organizations that may be interested in having a Costumed Walkabout.
      Please drop me an email (or a Yahoogroup message) with as much
      show/event information/contact(s) as you have. I will make a call, pay
      a visit and get it on!

      In addition to "Getting all dressed up and having somewhere to
      go". . . one of the objects of the walkabout is to expose local
      Fandom groups, costume and play-related conventions/businesses and
      upcoming events to potential new customers/members. So, I wish to thank
      the following groups/members for their wonderful participation in the
      2012 Costume Walkabouts (if I miss any group . . . email me and I will
      correct that):

      The San Diego Costume Guild - www.sandiegocostumeguild.com

      San Diego Vintage Dance Society - www.orgsites.com/ca/sdvdance/

      Gaslight Gathering – Southern California's First Dedicated
      Victoriana and Steampunk Convention - www.gaslightgathering.org

      Waltz & Such – Vintage Social Dancing in San Diego –
      www.waltznsuch.org <http://www.waltznsuch.org/>

      Again, thank all of you for your participation! Our next Costume
      Walkabout is:

      Thursday, January 31, 2013 at Copley Hall

      THE MAGIC OF SHEHERAZADE - RSVP Closes 01/28/12

      Concert starts at 7:30pm; Doors open at 7:00pm – (Walkers should
      arrive 1 hour before doors open)

      Mei-Ann is the Conductor; Hosted by Nuvi Mehta featuring the music of

      Themed attire: The fashion, styles and social themes during the life of
      Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908). However, if there are those that wish to
      dress in eastern attire, please do! Just remember that this is an
      evening event . . . it might be chilly!

      Tickets are limited so RSVP early!

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