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Re: Lining satin

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  • Sabine Pothmann
    Hi Amanda,  ... appropriate? I m leaning more towards ... or silk.  Cotton and silk are fibers - that s what the threads are spun from which then are
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 15, 2012
      Hi Amanda, 

      > Do you think cotton would be
      appropriate? I'm leaning more towards
      > the cotton route, than more satin
      or silk. 

      "Cotton" and "silk" are fibers - that's what the threads are spun from which then are used to weave a fabric - other possible fibers would, just to name a few, be 'linen', 'polyester', 'acetate'. 'rayon', 'hemp'.
      "Satin", however, is a weave - there are many different types of weaves; 'satin' is one of them; just like chiffon, velvet, taffeta.

      Both fibers and weaves can be combined in many ways, resulting in many, many, many types of fabric.

      It's therefore confusing to say 'satin or silk', because one names a weave, the other a fiber - and neither of both lets others really know what you're planning to use. Polyester satin? Tussah silk? I can't tell from "satin or silk" (which, TBH, is an expression that usually makes my toenails start to roll up).

      If you're naming a fiber, please name (fiber)+(weave) - like, "silk satin", "cotton velvet", "polyester taffeta" or "rayon interlock" - that way, people will know what you're talking about and can help with advice.


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