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Re: [F-Costume] Looking for a very, very soft nylon/spandex blend - and Google Fu has failed

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  • Judy Mitchell
    while I m usually link allergic - that s pretty cute! btw: for those that don t know mushrooms: fly agaric is the standard red topped mushroom with white
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2012
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      while I'm usually 'link allergic' - that's pretty cute! btw: for those
      that don't know mushrooms: fly agaric is the standard red topped
      mushroom with white spots.

      as to the spandex.. most cities don't have stores that carry much of a
      selection of spandex. SYFabrics (out of LA) is likely to be the closest
      to you - and that's not really anywhere near you!
      <http://www.syfabrics.com/Browse.aspx?Search=spandex> will take you to
      their regular spandex page (I tend to use them more for their stretch

      The other 2 places I shop for spandex are out of NYC (I think they were
      right on the edge of the storm blackout, don't know which way they went
      or how they are at the moment.) <http://www.spandexhouse.com/> and
      <http://spandexworld.com/> - that's all they carry: spandex in all styles.

      My first thought for a mushroom might be a moleskin fabric. not quite
      suede but a little touch of fuzzy - which I've found many mushrooms to
      be: just a little textured. If you want to look at that, spandex house
      has more than spandex world.

      or, if you really want shiny smooth: consider milliskin (pretty basic -
      spandex, no special effects - bathing suit weight) it's 80%nylon 20%
      spandex, you can get shiny or matte - spandexhouse has an off-white
      shiny that might be what you want.

      both NYC places will swatch for free (just call them - ask for a
      variety, they sometimes get disappointed if you only one or two! tell
      them what you're looking for and they'll make up a page full), although
      they aren't always the fastest getting swatches out (much faster getting
      yardage out).

      sorry there aren't any places you can go and fondle the fabric
      personally, but.. these days, those places are few and far between - and
      looking for a specialty.. you gotta go to the fabric districts.


      On 11/02/2012 01:51 AM, Dennis Carr wrote:
      > So, here's the skinny.
      > First, consider this image:
      > http://chez-vrolet.net/~dennisthetiger/costume/ideas/mushroom.jpg

      > In a word - HELP! Where can I get some of this stuff?
      > -Dennis
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