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Behind the scenes - Frankenstein and MANY other pictures

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  • Cat Devereaux
    One of my new favorite blogs, Retronaut has some great behind the scenes from old movies. Though I d share some fun. (Warning, a look at the larger site will
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2012
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      One of my new favorite blogs, Retronaut has some great behind the scenes
      from old movies. Though I'd share some fun. (Warning, a look at the
      larger site will suck you down and not return you for more than a few
      hours.... or longer...)

      Frankenstein - the behind-the-scene shots show makeup applications.
      Appliances then were a lot thicker than what we have now... and check
      out the "leaning" board the monster has to use. (Just like now-a-days
      for the gals in the really tight dresses.)

      Creature from the Black Lagoon - a few makeup shots, but very nice shots
      of the whole creature suit.

      Robocop - OK, not as magnificent as the other two... but still fun
      costume shots, and an armature.

      A Trip to the Moon - First SciFi film 1902 - 10 minutes of this historic
      film. Lots of fun costumes.

      Oh.... and totally NOT related to movie costumes... but historical
      dress... because I was drifting around on this site...

      Queen Victoria and her grand kids -- interesting look as royal kids
      clothing though time.

      Victorian Husbands and Wives -- guess these could be considered middle
      class... about the same time as the Queen Victorian shots, but these are
      not in date order. PS. remember the standard then was NOT to smile.

      Moving forward -- Edwardian ladies in COLOR! -- you can't see the
      costumes as well but you can see the use of pastels and prints. Middle
      and a few middle-upper class.

      Suffragette Purveyance -- Celebrating the 92nd year for the right to
      vote for women - These pics are an interesting look at "protest wear"
      from almost a century ago. These are 3/4 shots so you don't see the
      skirts, but you see a lot of coats and these are a very different when
      compared to the "parade" shots of women in white dresses, but are of the
      same time period.. just much more practical dress. One more thing just
      of historical interest... While these were used by the police to
      identify trouble makers, they're not face shots like modern mug and
      wanted shots. They're shot wide enough to show the style/class of the

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