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The Rag About Town Newsbrief from The Elegant Harlot!

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  • Mari
    THE RAG ABOUT TOWN: HRM Steampunk Symposium aboard the Queen Mary. It happened January 13-14, 2012 aboard the Queen Mary.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2012

      HRM Steampunk Symposium <http://www.hrmsteam.com/index.html> aboard the
      Queen Mary.

      It happened January 13-14, 2012 aboard the Queen Mary. Lady Mari was
      officiating at her Fan Table hawking information about the upcoming
      Costume Walkabout in April 2012 and Gaslight Gathering
      <http://www.gaslightgathering.org/> Steampunk Convention in May 2012.

      First off – The Queen Mary is awesome! I was astounded by the size
      and massiveness! Not to mention how long it took to walk from one end
      to the other. Speaking of which – I was happily manning my fan
      table which just happened to be right in front of the Dealers Room.
      FANTASTIC!!! The room itself was magnificent! The quality of the
      vendors – legendary! So many wonderful goodies, steampunk novelties
      and accessories, etc., etc., and etc.!!!

      Also representing at this event was SteamCon
      <http://www.steamcon.org/concrete5/index.php> (based out of Seattle,
      WA), CombatCon <http://thecombatcon.com/> (Las Vegas, NV), and Steam
      Federation <http://steam-federation.com/> (San Francisco, Bay Area).

      Now let's talk costumes!!!! Unfortunately, I am still learning just
      how DUM my SMARTPHONE is! I try to contain my stupidity about higher
      technology, but suffice it to say that if this phone didn't cost so
      much, I would have beaten it to a pulp right after this event!!! What I
      remember . . . BEAUTIFUL, CREATIVE, IMAGINATION GALORE! Hopefully,
      there will be photos on their website. I can't really vouch for the
      activities at this convention as I was only there on Saturday and pretty
      much stayed at the Fan Table (great for people-watching!). But, I HAD A
      GOOD TIME! Next year . . . be there!

      OTHER GREAT NEWS!!!!!!

      THE SAN DIEGO COSTUME GUILD has a new look!!!! (Even the underpinnings
      are tight!). You MUST check it out!!!! www.sandiegocostumeguild.com

      Look for Your Bodacious Queen in a Corset and The Elegant Harlot
      Boutique at the following events:

      February 2012

      02/04/12 – Edwardian Ball <http://edwardianball.com/> – Los
      Angeles – Lady Mari attending – Not yet confirmed –

      02/18/12 – Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition
      <http://www.bellydanceroftheuniverse.com/> (catchy huh?). Long Beach,
      California – Lady Mari will be attending (Saturday) – NOT YET

      March 2012

      03/02/12 thru 03/04/12 – Condor Con
      <http://www.condorcon.org/html/mainmenu.html> – San Diego –
      Lady Mari AND The Elegant Harlot Boutique along with The
      $1-a-Minute-Masseur – CONFIRMED

      03/09/12 through 03/11/12 – Puttin' on the Glitz, Las Vegas, NV
      (Red Hat Event) - Lady Mari and The Elegant Harlot Boutique –

      03/16-18/12 – Anime Conji 2012 <http://www.animeconji.org/2012/>
      – San Diego's Anime Convention – Town & Country Hotel, San
      Diego, CA – Lady Mari attending (only Saturday)

      03/24/12 – Victorian Tea at the Fairplex, Los Angeles (Red Hat
      Event) – Lady Mari Attending (Teacher Alyce – my reservation is
      on its way) – NOT YET CONFIRMED

      April 2012

      04/07/12 – Titanic Ball – San Diego – Lady Mari Attending
      – (further info TBA)

      04/14/12 – Titanic Costume Walkabout
      <http://www.costumewalkabout.com/> , Del Mar Antiques Show, Del Mar
      Fairgrounds – Lady Mari, Coordinator – CONFIRMED (further info

      04/21/12 – TITANIC TEA – Escondido, CA – TBA

      04/28/12 – RED HAT ANNIVERSARY! Don't know what I'll be
      doin', but I will be celebrating more than 10 years of Red Hat

      May 2012

      05/11/12 through 05/13/12 (Mother's Day Weekend) – Gaslight
      Gathering <http://www.gaslightgathering.org/> – San Diego –
      Lady Mari AND The Elegant Harlot Boutique along with the
      $1-a-Minute-Masseur – NOT YET CONFIRMED

      June 2012

      06/09-10/12 – Myth Masque 2012 <http://mythmasque.com/welcome.html>
      – An "all grown up" costume event similar to Labyrinth of
      Jared – Lady Mari attending – NOT YET CONFIRMED

      July 2012

      07/12/12 through 07/15/12 – COMIC–CON <http://comic-con.org/>
      San Diego!!!! – Lady Mari and a cast of characters – CONFIRMED!
      (Hell yeah!)

      07/25/12 through 07/29/12 – Las Vegas Doll Convention
      <http://www.ifdconline.com/> – Lady Mari attending – NOT YET

      August 2012

      08/02/12 through 08/05/12 – Costume College
      <http://costumecollege.org/> – Los Angeles – Lady Mari and The
      Elegant Harlot Boutique – NOT YET CONFIRMED

      September 2012

      09/6-9/2012 – Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive
      <http://www.bellydanceintensive.com/> – Las Vegas, NV – Lady
      Mari Attending – NOT YET CONFIRMED

      October 2012

      Tri-State "T" (Red Hat Convention) – Laughlin, Nevada –

      November 2012


      December 2012


      Don't forget to visit my Costume Walkabout
      <http://www.costumewalkabout.com/> website! See what happens when me
      and my fellow walkers get "all dressed up" and the places we
      go!!! Love to have you walk with us!

      Yes, I am also on Facebook, visit me there, but don't forget - the best
      way to get in touch with this Bodacious Queen will always be my own
      ladymari@... <mailto:ladymari@...> !
      And remember: This Little Queen is an excellent spokesperson/model
      (wonderful at chatting up Red Hat Adventures and Circus Memorabilia), MC
      AND I am regurgitating (sorry revamping) my Aerial Exotica trapeze act
      and my unique [oh let's just say it! exotic dance performance).
      Know of any events where I might "strut my stuff?" Let's

      "If getting older means I will have bags, they may as well match my
      favorite dress, shoes, and hat!"


      The Lady Mari

      Your Bodacious Queen in a Corset

      and Owner of The Elegant Harlot Boutique

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