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Costume Project Complete!!!!!

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  • penny@costumegallery.com
    I have completed my project of the Mardi Gras costumes at the Mobile Carnival Museum, Mobile, Alabama. About 98% of their exhibited costumes are on this
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2011
      I have completed my project of the Mardi Gras costumes at the Mobile
      Carnival Museum, Mobile, Alabama. About 98% of their exhibited costumes
      are on this area:


      There are 201costume photos each with their webpage and six index pages.
      The images are high resolution so that you can view the details. When you
      zoom in on the photos it takes a few seconds for the image to focus.the
      photos are very large. Make sure to look at the robe's trains closely.
      Each one reflects their owner's personality, hobbies, family history, etc.
      Needless to say, each costume is different and cost thousands of dollars to
      have designed and executed. The craftsmanship is stunning. Most of the
      robe trains are about 18 ft. long. Please make sure to look at two photos
      that I am thrilled that it turned out so good. They are of the back of a
      queen's collar.

      tm (dead ahead view)

      tm (a view from the floor looking upward)

      My goal now is to find newspaper articles about the King & Queen
      costumes.this was published each year in the local newspaper. I leave
      Tuesday to spend two weeks at Mardi Gras from New Orleans to Mobile,
      Alabama. I hope to have some time the second week to do some research. I
      also plan to go back to the museum for some additional photos and fact
      finding. What I don't find on this trip, I will be back in Mobile for
      three weeks in late May-early June. My youngest son is getting married in
      Mobile at the time.

      Last year, I tried to make it to Mobile for Joe Cain Day and go to his mock
      funeral with his Merry Widows. I wanted to film and photograph the event.
      My airplane got snowed in and arrived the day after the event. This year, I
      am leaving five days prior to make sure that I am there on time. Joe Cain
      is a very important person in the history of Mardi Gras. The holiday was
      stopped during the Civil War. In 1866 Joe Cain came out into the streets of
      Mobile parading in his Mardi Gras costume. This event started Mardi Gras
      parades back to rolling. More info:


      I have an extremely busy schedule until March 9th. March 3rd, I go to
      Loyola University in New Orleans to meet up with their Library services
      director and costume design professor. This university is a group
      subscribers to our online Library and I am going to be a guest speaker for
      the costume history class. Also catdhing some N.O. parades that day.
      March 4-6th I am at Mobile for MG parades. March 7-9th we are off to New
      Orleans for MG parades. I will have a film and photography crew with me in
      a suite on Canal St. All parades pass our hotel. We are especially
      thrilled to photograph the Zulu parade.

      I have wanted since childhood to document Mardi Gras costume history. The
      dream is finally coming true. Happy Mardi Gras everyone! I hope you find
      the joy in the costume that I do.

      Penny Ladnier, owner

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