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FW: Your costuming wanted for a Tudor Fashion TV special

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  • Cat Devereaux
    (OK... going to try and send this to the list again and see if yahoo monster eat it. Yes, we mean what we say, also looking for fantasy interpretations.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2007
      (OK... going to try and send this to the list again and see if yahoo monster
      eat it. Yes, we mean what we say, also looking for fantasy interpretations.

      Forward begins:

      Hello, All --

      Forgive me for repeating what some of you already know, if you also belong
      to the Tudor Tailor and TV/Film yahoo groups we've been talking all week, I
      want to extend this invitation to one and all.

      I'm looking for good, clear photographs of you and your work for possible
      inclusion in an upcoming 1/2 hour national cable TV special on Showtime's
      new original series, "The Tudors," starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as a young
      Henry VIII.

      Things I'm interested in seeing:

      1. Images of you or others in Tudor garments you've created -- particularly
      Tudor royalty: Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, especially. But a Charles Brandon
      would be fantastic, too.

      2. Strong, clear images of you or others as re-enactors that feature the

      3. Any photos of you incorporating Tudor-inspired fashion or accessories in
      contemporary day to day life.

      4. Any photos of costume or art-to-wear inspired by the Tudor fashion or
      Henry VIII

      5. Links to your Tudor-related websites or businesses.

      These images will be used to illustrate a segment on how Tudor fashion is
      still alive and well -- and thriving -- centuries after Henry VIII. Because
      there is a strong dedication to authenticity and historical accuracy in
      these groups, I want to make this point and I need supporting images to
      prove it.

      I can't guarantee your work will make it into the show or even into the
      final edit and we can't pay you. However, we WILL give you an on-screen
      credit and national exposure to millions and millions of viewers. And I'll
      make sure you get a DVD of the fashion special for your own archives.

      The special will being airing in April -- first on The Style Network. Then
      possibly on the E! channel. And also on Showtime "On Demand" and probably
      Showtime itself.

      LEGAL STUFF: You'll be given a Rights and Clearances release form to sign,
      giving us permission to use your images. Please note that if there are
      recognizable faces in your photos, you must also get those people to sign a
      release as well.

      DEADLINE: Now, basically. I'd like to have your submissions as soon as
      possible. By Wednesday, March 7th would be ideal, but if you have something
      terrific and need more time, that's fine. Let us know what's coming. At this
      point, feel free to send a sample image. . . but ultimately, the final
      product needs to be e-mailed, put on a CD or scanned and submitted as a
      .jpg, .gif or TIFF file at least of moderate size. Horizontal shots work
      better for TV than vertical, but we can make anything work.

      HOW TO SUBMIT: Please see the boring technical details below. Cat Devereaux
      is my Project Coordinator and will be handle the nuts and bolts on the
      submission process using a mail box address that can handle the traffic.
      (Yahoo isn't the best way to do this.)

      SUBMISSIONS TO: e-mail: tudorfashion@...

      Thanks, Everyone.

      Mary Jo
      Supervising Sr. Writer/Producer,
      Special Features

      P.S. If you'd like to see a few teaser trailers for "The Tudors' series
      itself, here are two different ones:

      #1 http://www.sho.com/site/vip/home.do?source=feb12_blogs
      Click on red bar that says "Watch Now."
      Password is Sneak Peek
      Click Submit

      #2 http://youtube.com/watch?v=SGAXQPVMSx4

      P.S.S. If you want to talk more about Tudor style and Tudor fashions in
      today's world, please come join us and chat over in
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tvfilmcostuming/ . Would love to get your
      feed back, inspirations and ideas.

      THE BORING TECHNICAL DETAILS for the Tudor Fashion Special by Showtime...


      We will take your photos anyway we can get them. We would prefer you send
      us the images or links, but they may be mailed or CD, or if no scanner is
      available, photos mail be mailed.

      PHOTO SIZE should be 720 x 480 pixels and above.

      *** To figure out what size your images are.... right click on your mouse
      and look at "properties", then "dimensions" for the pixels. If confused...
      just drop us a line at tudorfashion@... or send us the
      photo and we'll check for you.

      If the area of interested (people in costume) is only in the center... then
      the photo should be big enough so we can chop it down to that size. Too big
      is OK.... being better safe than sorry... though prefer you don't send a 5mb
      picture. We've setup almost a gig of space to take care of these photos, so
      we won't blow up anyone's personal inboxes.

      Photos do not need to be centered. We can fix that. But they do need to be
      sharp and in focus.

      WEB LINK: You may also just send a web link as long as it meets size and
      permission criteria. Do not send a page reference without specifying
      WHICH picture/s specifically you're submitting.

      If SCANNING a 4x6 or 5x7 -- make sure the photo is clean. Scan moderate to
      high rez, 150 to 300dpi, whatever you can manage to get enough pixels.
      Bare minimum is 72 dpi, but that needs a bigger pic.

      If you need to send it on CD, ask for an address off list.

      HARD COPY: If you need to send in hard copy of your photos, please write us
      to make arrangements. Please try to send a duplicate. We plan to just scan
      and send them back... but no guarantees can be made.

      (All the boring legal stuff...)

      Group contact on the photo:
      - Legal Name:
      - Name to use:
      - E-mail address:
      - Mailing address:

      - Exact name of the photo:
      - Where/Event (optional):
      - General info (just background for the folks selecting photos, who you're
      playing, any fun info etc):

      For each person in the photo AND the person who has rights to release the
      - Legal Name:
      - Name to use:
      - Description of which person they are in the photo:

      (Personal information will be kept confidential.)


      As mentioned above, we are looking for both hardcore Tudor as well as
      Renaissance Faire/SCA Tudor outfits. Non-peasants. Anything that
      celebrates the era royally. (Upper-class OK.)

      If you've got close up of Tudor style jewelry or accessories that might play
      in fashion today, we want to see it. Rings, necklaces, etc... throw those
      on a scarf and photograph them for modern fashion takes on "Tudor Style".

      Also, any art-to-wear or fantasy costume pieces that celebrate the Tudor era
      and style. Include detail shots if applicable.

      Don't forget, we'd also like links to your Tudor-related websites or



      Please send your photo/s to tudorfashion@... . Send any
      extra questions to this address as well. Anything at all


      You do not need to have signed permissions yet, you just need to know that
      you can get permission to use the photo and of the folks in the photo by
      next week (or shortly there afterwards). Any face that is 'recognizable'
      needs to be able to OK their own image.) So, basically we're doing honor
      system here at this point to speed selection along.

      If the photo is selected, you will be receiving an official release from
      Showtime. There are no guarantees on anything. Accepted photos may or may
      not be used. (Note: initial selection does not guarantee the picture being
      in the final cut.)


      Hey folks, despite the couple of hoops, needed... please do take a moment
      and submit your costumes and accessories. Encourage your friends and sewing
      circle companions to join too. It's a great chance to share your art with
      the world.

      Please feel free to forward...

      - Cat Devereaux -
      Project Coordinator
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