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Re: Initial notes on Gold handmaiden throne room robes

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  • darth_eagle
    Hiya! ^__^ I also LOVE this outfit when I first saw it in TPM and at that time put it on my List of Costumes To Do . Those were the days when I was still in
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 22, 2006
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      Hiya! ^__^

      I also LOVE this outfit when I first saw it in TPM and at that time
      put it on my "List of Costumes To Do". Those were the days when I was
      still in my infancy at Costuming and most of my costumes are Ghetto or
      assembled from found parts.

      I thot of using one of those already (tiny) pleated polyester cloths
      but till now didn't see a shop selling it in the Orangish-Yellow
      Shade. A shop many years ago (2000?) did tell me that he can get a
      factory to do the pleating for me but I'll have to pay for a 50m bolt
      of the Polyester Cloth, and will end up with about 25m after pleating.
      Looking back, thankfully didn't do it as the end result won't be good
      (the original is Silk I think, while the kind I thot of getting is
      Polyester and may be a little too "spongy"), especially for the bottom
      of the skirt.

      So have you look around the Handmaiden Thread over at TFN Jedi
      Council: Costuming and Props Making Forum for what others said about
      it? Of my head, I know there is a particular concept art that show
      the "Coat/Robe" with its sleeves clearly soon but I still unable to
      find it again after the website that carried it went bust. =__=

      I heard someone had did a "Semi-Ghetto" version of it (the dress is a
      Wrap Dress or something) but till now yet to see someone actually
      doing it properly.

      Will love to see you successfully doing it one day! -__^


      "nmentor467" <namentor@...> wrote:
      > I realized that besides Padawan's website, there's not too much out
      > there for this outfit. Surprising since it's so elegant, but the
      > draping is definitely intimidating. I started creating a muslin for
      > the robe (the dress is a maybe- much later). Athough I have no pics
      > of my work, yet, I thought maybe I'd start a thread on this
      > costume. Maybe somebody here made this and didn't tell anybody :-).
    • namentor@statestreet.com
      Hi Fatimah, I don t know yet if I ll try to make the outfit as seen in the film yet. I just love the robe. I think it s mysterious and cool, which is why the
      Message 2 of 3 , Aug 23, 2006
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        Hi Fatimah,

        I don't know yet if I'll try to make the outfit as seen in the film yet. I
        just love the robe. I think it's mysterious and cool, which is why the gown
        that will be worn underneath is inspired by "The mists of Avalon". There
        two Star Wars costumes that I'm greatly tempted to do, though for the time
        being I'm focused on LOTR. The flame handmaiden gowns would be fun to do,
        though on one of the forums it was mentioned that this costume was done to
        death. But no matter, I'll just make sure I don't wear it to any big
        conferences. I love Padme's "Water/Death" gown also. I'm a very 'watery'
        person (spiritually, not physically :-) ) and I love how the colors just
        blend together. I get the same feeling from Monet's water lilies
        paintings. The cloak though looks like a nightmare to make though, mainly
        because there are so many colors in it that one false step and it could
        look more like swamp water, than a garden pool. One woman on Padawan's
        site did a very good repro of it just using two colors. I'd imagine using
        silk paints rather than vat dyes might give better control and not stiffen
        the fabric as much. All these things are much, much later projects. I
        have a costume journal/ time table going (bored one day at work) and it
        looks like I'm busy until 2008. That is unless I change my mind about some
        the projects. (I'd love to do Mina Harker's red dinner gown, but that's a
        lot of fabric!)

        So far the robe muslin is looking very well. Not exact, but close enough
        that hopefully somebody familiar with the costume should recognize it. The
        scary part will be the armhole, as one part is from a robe with sleeves and
        the other part is from a cloak pattern. Plus there are drapes that I'd
        like to keep even with the sleeve sewn in. Rather than try to marry the
        two sides, I'm pinning the sleeve on top and will hand baste and try to
        trim some excess fabric before trying it on to see if I can move my arms
        without disturbing the front or back too much. I don't know if this way
        of sleeve-setting is kosher but I'm afraid to cut too much and realize
        later that I shouldn't have.

        This robe is a fabric-eater. I bought 6 yards of muslin and am almost
        through the batch just doing one half of the dressfrom. I haven't even
        gotten to the hood yet, which looks to be another 2 yards or so. With the
        tweaking and trimming the amount of fabric needed to get the shape should
        decrease, but still... Anyway, I'll show the robe part of the costume when
        I'm done.

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