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6164Re: Sculpy for decroative buttons?

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  • jehanni2
    Apr 14, 2014

      Having made some 2 1/2 in diameter, 1/4 in thick buttons from Fimo to seat LEDs for a lighted costume, I can also tell you that poly-clay buttons are fairly heavy for their size. I did not have much trouble with breakage, but the buttons were to stabilize the LED wiring, not functionally buttoning and unbuttoning, and located at the hem of a tea-length  skirt, so not in a place that got a lot of wear. 1/4 in thick is probably over-engineered. ;-)

      My tip for making is, just as you make a mold for pouring the resin, you'll want to make a jig for bending the wire shanks.  You can use a wig-jig or similar brand to make sure you're making a consistent curve.

      You might consider using cheap wire coat-hangers (the thinnest ones you can get) for your wire stock.

      If the only wire you can find is craft wire, you can always hammer it once you've made the curve to harden it, but it's less tedious to start with harder wire.

      Good luck!


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