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6154Sculpy for decroative buttons?

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  • ellen_rustad
    Apr 7, 2014
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      Hello smart people!
      I am making WInkie outfits (the Wicked Witch's tower guards in the Wizard of Oz movie) for my hubby and myself. I cannot find the silver decorative buttons that adorn the outfit, so I am making them out of scuply/premo clay.
      My question is: what do you use to fasten the clay button to the fabric? I want the button's surface to be smooth, so it will need shanks in the back. I did not find button shanks at the craft store, but found jump rings instead. THe buttons are strictly decorative, and since I am not going to wash the outfits, the buttons do not need to tolerate washing.
      Any helpful tips out there, especially before I start making about 100+ of them?
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