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6148Easing Question.

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  • Daniel Sanders
    Mar 24, 2014
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      I posted to both groups since this isn't a LOTR specific question, but will help me in sewing designs from LOTR/The Hobbit and other things.

      I recently bought a professional tailors form that will need a slight alteration. What I'm having to do is mount cotton stuffed chest pieces onto it to make the chest a little bigger.

      I have the chest piece and a flat piece. The chest piece will be eased in to the flat piece, so that when I stuff the finished "pocket" it will have a more pec like appearance. I want not puckers or bubbles in the seam, but I can't remember one thing:

      When gathering ease, I know you do it into the seam allowance and not directly on the line of sewing, but how much? I have half an inch of seam allowance on the pieces, so how far away from the marked line do I need to baste and gather?
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